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Vital Statistics!

Character NameD-Pariah / Bane MK.II / Dee
SpeciesManed wolf (Android)
Age1 (Mentally 18)
Height7 ft 1 in
Weight220 Lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDee's colors are just a palette swap of Pariah's. The Pariah's black areas are white for him, white is orange, and orange is black.
Hair ColourWhite
Eye ColourRight: Gold / Left: Pink
ClothingDee only wears a pair of blue jeans usually, not really having a need for any other clothes, and only even needing that for the sake of his being shy.
Outstanding FeaturesThe only thing one would be able to notice right away is the fact that Dee looks exactly like Pariah, but with his colors swapped. The only small differences other than color would be that Dee has a full-length tail, and lacks Pariah's tattoos.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDee is a lot like Pariah, but has a few differences, such as being more of a sub, and being more shy. He also tends to be more goofy and makes jokes often.
BackgroundDee has no personal background, seeing as he is so young, but he has been through everything that Pariah has. Both were of the exact same mind at one point.
LocationDee lives between Pariah's den, and the aliens' ship, bouncing between the two depending on his mood.
Additional InfoDee is an android, whose mind resulted after Pariah attempted to dive into a cyberbrain, but his mind ended up rejecting the alien technology after. While most of the data had been copied, the latter part of the copy was broken off as Pariah's brain refused to finish the transfer and go vegetative as his consciousness was temporarily deleted. Because the copy was partially unfinished, Dee is different from Pariah in a few aspects, since they aren't identical any more. (Think the clone glitch in older pokemon games, where if you unplugged at the right time you and the other person could both end up with the pokemon... 'Cept it's a mind...) Being as he is inorganic, Dee has a few abilities that aren't quite normal for a maned wolf. He is both a little stronger and faster than Pariah, but is also s good deal heavier. He also has the ability to change his colors, and his eyes can switch filters much like Pariah's goggles.