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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKita
SpeciesFeline Succubus
Age138, equivalent of about 21 human years.
WeightAround 140lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark blue for the whole body, left ear, left ankle and left wrist all have one, two and three lighter blue rings around them respectively.
Hair ColourDark purple.
Eye ColourGrey or red, can change.
ClothingLingerie, the outfit consits of typically a laced corset, black with a bright crimson trim, the bottom half of the corest attatched to her stockings using suspenders, the outfit's bottom half consists of matching panties to the corset. Stockings are the same black as the corset + panties.
Accessories(rarely) An onyx pendant around the neck
WeaponryTeeth, claws, tail, nightmares.
Special AbilitiesThe ability to shapeshift plus the ability to invade the sleep of a person and change their dreams to fit the Succubus' needs
Outstanding FeaturesMost notably the tail and wings, the tail is that of a typical demonic spaded tail and the wings are typical bat wings, another notable feature is the headwings, which unlike the backwings are feathery, all three are black. Also a set of feline ears that are situated infront of the headwings, but spread further apart than them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNot evil as she once was, though still has her evil tendancies, usually kindhearted and playful most of the time, although quick to anger in times when stressed, though rarely stressed now.
LikesSilly things and being playful in general.
DislikesStressful things, people being too serious when it's not necessary
OccupationSuccubus. XD

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteRawr, will post another soon

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