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From the talented Psudodrake

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMinevera MacDougal
SpeciesAlaskian Malamute (Husky)
Height≈20 Feet; ≈6 Meters
Weight≈330 Tons; ≈300 Metric Tons
SummaryJust call her Min, this will be a lot easier on you and her.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur with a white belly area, fairly generic fur pattern
Hair ColourDark shade of blue
Eye ColourBlueish silver like that of the moon
ClothingWhile under the guise of a human she will wear what can fit her. During training and the race she wears a specialty harness that conforms to her shape when going between her dog and greater-hybrid forms. (will be updated)
AccessoriesAs typical for most dogs like her, she will wear a collar on her neck. (will be updated)
WeaponryNot known to carry weaponry, but can make use out of whatever she's given under any situation; even if only her fists are available. (will be updated)
Special AbilitiesShe has been trained in the ways of the pathfinder (a sort of shamaness). (will be updated)
Outstanding FeaturesQuite easily her muscle and breast size.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's pretty much the caring kind of your typical gentle giants. Quick to defend if a friend is in trouble and may pound you if you cross her.
BackgroundNote: Story is not safe for work, read at your own risk! [Normal Link] [DA Bypass]
LikesAnyone who is smaller or equal in size + Casual weight-lifting + Relaxing exercise
DislikesSteroids + Any form of "beauty-enhancing" drug out on the market + Those who only think about sex
LocationSmall lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska
OccupationTends to a small lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska
Additional Info[You can find her easier on Second Life under the name Minevera MacDougal] + [She is also found lurking the #femalemusclefurries room on irc.furnet.org]

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