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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFrancis
SummaryA hyperactive little thing with bright smiles and dancing glee. Often seen clings to kitties and with her pack. =3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCovered in thick brown fur from head to toe, except a patch of ice blue in the middle of her collar bone, her back leg leg up to her knee in sane colouration, also her tail tip has the same colour.
Hair ColourHair is consistent to dreadlocks, spiraled into sharp spikes at the ends, each varying from black, navy, and ice blue. Bent dreads fall over her face, highlighting her long muzzle.
Eye ColourThe entire eye is a shade of yellow, with no iris, only a simple black pupil in the center.
ClothingCommonly seen wearing normal clothes, t shirts to tank tops, sweaters and pants to skirts and shorts. Most of her clothes are black, red, or bright colours.
AccessoriesSpiked collars, bracelets, arm band, bangles, rings and sometimes finger armor. Earrings in various sizes line both her ears and sometimes her face.
WeaponryShe carries very little weapons, most of the time just a simple switch blade for she prefers to use her sharp deadly claws and teeth.
Special AbilitiesShape/gender shifter, commonly seen female though.
Outstanding FeaturesDigi grade legs, so she appears werewolfish, and black markings on her face. Around her eyes is stained black, as well as a line going along from corner of eyes to about tip of nose. Same with around her lips, a curled stained area extends along the edge of her lip, giving her a permanent sadistic grin.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be quite random, happy go luck and overall spunky. She loves to be around people, and yet sometimes absolutely doesn't. She can be blunt, loud and obnoxious but she cares for those close to her with a fiery, possessive passion.
BackgroundBeing raised with an older brother who got away with everything made her quite the pouter, and since she gets teased for her small stature she grew cold. Abused by her peers and her family, she grew silent over the years but now has seen budded out into the bright butterfly she is now.
LikesCandy, bright colours, animals, blaring music, piggy back rides, chewing, pouncing, having a gay ol' time, being loud, hyper, black nails, fancy make-up styles, piercings, lime green, Severus Snape,
Dislikesalot of things
OccupationGas Bar Attendant/Student
Additional InfoAsk and ye shall receive!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBleed onto me my love, savour the taste of immortality - Me

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