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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChip
Weight215 Lbs
SummaryA rather shy and small dragon who loves to play games, build computers, and fight for justice. He uses dark magic powers, but he fights for good and to protect the weak and defenseless. Most important thing in his life is his rather beautiful sister Sal who lives with him and they are very close to each other.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSmooth, purple scales. More of the shiny type. Smooth to stroke either way. From a distance, it looks like plain ol skin. Pale white is the color of the subscales.
Hair ColourLong, but thin silver hair. Nothing to complicated, but not too thin.
Eye ColourDark, amber eyes.
ClothingWhen in battle, a black karate rob and white belt is worn. Very close to the body fit, but not to tight. Easy to move in. The regular clothing is usually either black or blue jeans and a black shirt of some sort. Not much style variation.
AccessoriesNot much accessories are worn. Normally just a studded belt and a pair of glasses. In battle, athletic tape is worn around the claws.
WeaponryPure strength is where it is at.
Special AbilitiesHas the power to control the power of darkness as electricity flowing through the fist and feet. This power can be used to inflict damage on something and cause all sorts of affects to them. Can also be used to boost physical strength and speed.
Outstanding FeaturesHas extremely great mobility, endurance, and stamina for the size.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRather shy, lonely, nerdy, quiet, defensive
BackgroundGrew up in what would be called a perfect family, but then had his father stripped away from him by humans because they feared him at the age of 9. All his dad did was try to protect a young child from a demon and accidentally destroyed the village in the fight. He let the humans take him away without a fight. His mother tried to eat him and his younger, but much larger sister Sal, so they fled home to live on their own. This didn't go so well and Sal, who was the younger of the two, was dying of some unknown disease, so he did some researched and stumbled upon the dark arts. He became obsessed with the arts and became enveloped in dark magic. Using these powers, he healed his sister, but with a toll; he slowly dies with each use of the magic. Not by much, but slowy he does. After years of watching over his younger sister grow to be a wonderful dragoness, he began to think of what to do to maybe seek repentance for the magic he had studied. After a self realization moment and a talk to Sal who was his biggest reason to keep living, he was able to reach his inner child in which from it he realized he must use these powers of his to help others who can't help themselves, so from there on out, he watches over the helpless and deals judgment using evil against evil. He learned the martial arts and assassination and earns a living by designing new computer standards and creating custom computers for a side passion. He lives alone with his sister who he watches and protects with all his heart. To this day, the continues to search for his father and for repentance. He is currently set to die at the age of about 60 if he cannot fix what has happened.
LikesComputers, music (metal, rock, techno, J(genre), game soundtracks), games, anime, manga, other smart girls, understanding people, larger girls, fighting, nature, ramen, burritos.
DislikesThose who don't understand things, mushrooms, harming the weak, those who harm the weak, jerks, social butterflies, vore, snuff, those with evil intentions, dirty places, dust, show offs, the list goes on and on and on.
LocationUnited States, but travels a whole lot due to the love of sight seeing
OccupationComputer Engineer and custom computer builder
Additional InfoVery friendly guy, if you get past the shyness wall. Loves to talk and talk about stuff he likes. Will eat a Chipotle burrito any day.

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