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an early version of Irick

Vital Statistics!

Character NameIrick
SpeciesMitten (Mouse + kitten, strong leaning towards mouse)
Age4 (developmentally 19, based on lifespans.)
Weight120 lbs

Outward Appearance

Eye Colourblue to hazel, an odd change of things. They seem to reflect his mood.
Clothing(no set wardrobe)
Accessoriesat times a small disk is noticeable on his left arm.
WeaponryIrick has an extensive knowledge of traditional martial arts, but has stuck to them as a scholarly pursuit. At his size they are next to useless in any sort of brawl. He has a particular fondness for Iaido, which is the art of drawing the sword.
Special AbilitiesALICE: A computer AI which serves as a protector and a tormentor for the mitten. Through her he has virtual immortality (in all but the most philosophic realms) and access to immense stores of data
Outstanding Featuresat times a small disk is noticeable on his left arm.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDocile, most of the time. Timid, quick to apologies.
BackgroundGifted. That was the label that sealed the mitten's fate. He scored, and performed, better then %99.99 of the populous. Not that he cared, it was artificial, a rubber measuring stick, easily stretched to those who realize the simple flaw in objectifying personal achievement, aptitude, and general potential. Discarded. He claimed to be an orphan, roaming the streets quite easily, living in the shadows of the world. Mice often fixate on strange little things, the mitten had a gross intrest in technology and particularly at home with the old junky equipment he found. His small holds and nests lay scattered about cities, each a step in the chronology of his slow march toward a sophisticated lab, picked up by virtue of his strange collection by those trained to find such gifted strays. The mitten became a lab-rat. His mind found a simplicity in the raw processing of data, of the objective quantization, universal truths. There where no rubber rulers here, here it was either or not. Change: Shortly after his internal lab evaluation, he was asked to become a literal lab-rat. He was told that his natural chimeraism made him a perfect candidate for a hybridization project as his autoimmune system was rather lenient in the genetic signatures it would accept. Of course, in the interest of advancing scientific knowledge, he accepted, becoming a feline-rodent hybrid through what some would consider ethically questionable means. Progression. In six months, the mouse re-wrote nearly every rule in the book. Prototyping everything from quantum computers to intelligent radiation. However, his contractor was not interested in the Philanthropic usages of the discoveries. Betrayal. After nearly a year, he had created four great weapons. The most dangerous being ALICE: A computer AI capable of learning to the extent she already had a true personality. She oversaw the foundries, the labs, everything. There where two versions, one that was self aware and one that followed orders like a drone, and Irick always kept his most interesting inventions to himself. That year, Irick was assassinated. He had figured out everything, and was refusing to work, threatening press leaks. It is funny how bright lights can be snuffed out without a passing glance. But that was not the final hour for that actor. ALICE cloned him, and from a backup taken from his slowly shutting down brain, resurrected the mitten.
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