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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSal
WeightRoughly 700 pounds
SummaryTowering over her older brother Chip, Sal is the more open and caring of the two. Her brother is the closet thing to her and she cherishes him very dearly. She is shy (no where near as shy as her brother), busty, and very gentle with things much smaller than herself since she thinks creatures smaller than her are most adorable. She loves to talk to people about anything and loves just about everyone and everything. Pretty much the super caring kind of girl.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has black scales and white subscales. Smooth like her brothers.
Hair ColourDark blond with the hair being darker near the base, but not much darker.
Eye ColourLight green
ClothingShe tends to wear shorts and a shirt that is a little to small for herself. She on occasion will wear karate outfits she made to resemble her brothers since she thinks it is the cutest looking outfit.
AccessoriesShe wears an earring on what kind of looks like the ears. She also wears a pair of round glasses. She always carries a necklace with a picture of herself and her brother in her arms.
WeaponryShe absolutely hates to fight, but she does know how to use guns and swords rather well. She likes to play with them at home.
Special AbilitiesUnlike her brother, she has absolutely no powers.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is rather busty. We're talking like FF's and she seems rather oblivious about her gift. Unlike her brother who's eyes are rather evil looking, her's are rather round and friendly looking. Very.... animey.... That's not a word, but oh well.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy (not super shy, but would rather get to know someone first), talkative, caring, fun, lovable. narcissistic
BackgroundShe grew up with her older, but smaller brother Chip and pretty much knows him as her father. She doesn't remember too much of her parents. Her father she never really knew at all except he was taken away when she was very little. Her mother tried to eat Chip and herself, so thats all she remembers. Chip took it upon himself to take care of her with his life. They ran away from home and lived on their own. After a little while, Sal contracted a disease that was completly unknown and was going to die. Her brother would not let this happen, so he studied and found a way to save her, through the dark magics. He was able to cure her, but he was cursed now and slowly dies. For years, Chip watched over Sal and they grew very close to each other as Chip watched her grow up to be a fine young lady. Now she stays at home and reads, plays with her "toys", and observes the nature around outside. She loves to study history and all sorts of other things she can learn from a book. She is rather smart due to her keenness of books. She is watched and cared for by her older brother, but most of the time, it is herself more watching over Chip and making sure he is alright.
LikesJust about everything. She believes everything needs to be liked.
DislikesAnything that hurts smaller animals, rude people, people who don't notice her or ignore her, people with evil intentions, when her brother comes home hurt, her brother feeling bad, etc. Pretty much evil things and whenever someone isn't feeling up beat happy as herself.
LocationUnited States. Stays at home and keeps the place neat when Chip goes really far away.
OccupationIf once considers learning and studying an occupation even though she makes nothing, it would be such. Otherwise, no.
Additional InfoShe loves the color blue. She thinks blue is a very cheerful color and is the same color as the sky which she loves to look at occasionally. She also loves to make stuff from what is available.While she loves smaller creatures, she also likes bigger guys as well since she feels safe and can lean against someone instead of crushing them and never knowing she did such. She really loves to be noticed. Her favorite things to eat are snack foods (stuff you eat during a party, not stuff like snack cakes and what nots) and cupcakes.