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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLogath Niepton
Height8 foot 3
SummaryGeneral Logath Niepton has conquered countless worlds across innumerable universes. Her very name strikes fear into those he has conquered as well as those yet to be conquered. Her vast army includes macros, micros and some of the most advanced technology of the worlds she conquered.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur all over with glowing symbols. Every symbol represents a world destroyed or conquered. no glyph does not overlap another one so great is the magnitude of her conquests.
Hair ColourShimmering black extending halfway down her back.
Eye ColourHer right eye is a neon green while her left eye is neon pink. Both eyes actively radiate light and she literally can light up a room with her eyes open.
ClothingVery formal black General suit. She has never given herself a medal and likely never will despite all that she has accomplished. The suit includes a garrison cap, gloves and high heeled knee high black boots, all of which is black as well.
WeaponryThe general is so heavily armed she doesnt even have a personal guard. Her weaponry consists of the highest end tools of destruction she had encountered. At her waist is a 4 foot long saber whose edge is less than an atom thick allowing it to slice through virtually anything. on the other side of her waist is holstered what seems to be a small handgun. In reality the handgun has the accuracy of a sniper and fires high intensity lasers hotter than any stars core. inside her suit she has dozens of switch blades with oscillating edges making them little chainsaws. The knives are perfectly balanced and she can throw them with deadly accuracy over 500 meters.
Special AbilitiesThe glyphs that pattern her entire body give her that ability to telepathically communicate and control her armies. This is the huge reason for her success. She is able to know of any complications and to respond to them immediately. Her armies are literally an extension of her body in that sense.
Outstanding FeaturesThe glowing eyes, size, general outfit and commanding presence

Personality & Background

PersonalityDemanding and not afraid of anything. She has a hard exterior but has been known to soften up for people she tolerates or likes.
BackgroundHaving first conquered her own world with a rag tag rebel army she quickly developed space travel and sought out other planets to continue her conquests. from there things only went her way and thousands of worlds fell to her might and control.
LikesBeing the dominant one, being obeyed, punishing those who dont obey, conquering new worlds.
DislikesBeing anything other than feared, respected or loved.
OccupationGrand General of the Logathian Empire