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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShoryu Kanosoto
SpeciesSea Dragon God
Heightaverage Angthro 10
Weightchanges too often to give accurate estimate
Summarydunno how to sum myself up =/

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStrong Black Scales, natural red scales in tribal patterns allover body. god mode gives thick tufts around wrists and ankles of silver hair.
Hair ColourShining Silver hair, almost reflective, reaches down to waist, often some infront of head, also thick fluffy mane traveling down spine to a large tuft on end of tail.
Eye ColourMulti, swirling spikey patterns of red/blue/green/gold. god mode gives 4 eyes, each a different color, red top right, blue bottom right, green top left, gold bottom left.
Clothingonly on certain occasions, or while blending in so he can study the existence of mortals. will usually blend in, often wears either extra large black/red archaic patterned robes, or black leather pants, no shirt, bandage wraps on arms, and sleeveless leather duster. does not wear cloths when in larger sizes.
AccessoriesSeveral large thin silver earrings in his right ear, a large silver band on his right wrist and ankle, a large silver tear drop necklace with a huge saphire in the center of the lower ring.