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A quick sketch from stampy!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAurora Borealis
SpeciesAnthro Suicune
Height5 feet, 11 inches normally
Weight"thats... a personal question that needs no answer..."
SummaryAurora Borealis was know as Julia Carter when she was human, and was a known marine biologist at the time. Since her change, she has started a new life, and rarely speaks of her human life she had before

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTypical suicune coloration and patterns
Hair ColourHas Purple hair, like a suicune's long mane
Eye ColourRed
ClothingShe doesn't usualy wear much normally, a violet top to cover her chest, and a pair of black short shorts is her usual outfit, sometimes, she will have no outfit at all (Yay for fur!) and if she needs to attend fancy outings or events, she does have a violet and blue dress
AccessoriesAquanine Sapphire, she tranformed into her current form not long after finding it, and beleives its the cause of her change, she keeps it, as a reminder of when her new life started, she wears it as a pendant
Special Abilities-Has the ability to purify any water, no matter how filthy- -has some control over water- -Her body is reactive to water, after 10 minutes of direct contact, she begins to power up, growing larger and stronger. The effects wear off after 24 hours-
Outstanding Featuresshe's an anthro Suicune

Personality & Background

PersonalityHas a cheerful personality, and likes to please and help poeple. Altough gets irritated over simple things at times
LikesFriends, purifying water, being near water, Legends of the past (lore and artifacts), gems
DislikesPolution, hot and dry places, arrogant poeple
LocationProbably either near a lake, or in a random city
OccupationWas a Marine biolagist when human, has no occupation since her TF

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