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Laron, as done by my friend Althea!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLaron Ikaika
SpeciesFennec Fox / Lionfish
Gender Female!
Height4 foot 5 inches
Weight100 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer body fur is a rich sandy toned color, with flecks of darker color here and there. On her paws there is a glove of white, with a white tip topping her long fluffed tail.
Hair ColourSame as body, chin is white.
Eye ColourWarm ocean blue eyes set under dark blonde, almost chocolate eyebrows
ClothingUsually her top is a coal black tank top ending at her mid-section, with loose cargo pants or shorts adorning her lithe, musclar legs.
AccessoriesGil bag at her side, and usually a backpack of many, many things.
WeaponryLookit at her! ><
Outstanding FeaturesLong lionfish spines protrude from her spine and forearms. Each spine on her back has a brillant coral red stripe followed by a ocean blue or dark blue strip. The stripes wave together, coloring each spine in a different pattern. When she gets angry, or is in a life or death situation, the spines fill up with neurotoxin and can be injected into the assaliant when the spines are stuck into the form.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, but more of a curious fox who will stop at nothing to get or find out something she wants. Sometimes, she goes almost feral, her mom being more feral then her father. Her father is a pirate lionfish, with her mother living in the Sahara desert of Africa
BackgroundHer father is a pirate lionfish pirating the seas and giving the loot to the suffering Third World countries, with her mother living in the Sahara desert of Africa roaming the dunes, selling her cloths and her trade of mixing potions and dancing. She grew up around her father and mother in the Desert in the middle of a rich oasis. Left the home at 16, and set out to do what her father did while bridging the gap between land and aquatic furs.
LikesStealing, helping out others, being a bundle of fun.
DislikesPeople who shove themselves on her, snotty rich furs.
OccupationThief/ Traveller with Dickie