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A few changes here and there. Not quite 100% accurate but... it's somethin' ;]

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFlamingWars
SummaryUsually takes a form of an anthro-dragon, his size and weight ranges. His true form being a feral dragon. That being said, he's has blue and red scales, has red wings.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOverall, he has a tad lighter shade of blue scales, however starting from his muzzle, he as thick red scales going from his nose towards his eyes. He has a few scatters red scales on his jaw. He also has red scales that go from his neck down towards the the tip of his tail.
Eye ColourRed reptilian like eyes, in other words, they are slit, and sharp. It is said that he could look right down to one's soul.
ClothingIf he is being his anthro-y self, which is most of the time, he wears a darker shade of blue from his scales and black shorts. He wears a light-weight armor. A white japanese headband tied on his left arm. If it is not tied to his arm, then it is most likely worn on his head.
AccessoriesOcassionally wears a bracelet on his right arm.
WeaponryIf he is carrying his weapons they consist of two swords. The first one is a dark sword, it is a cursed sword that glows purple. It is known for its special mystical properties. However, The curse of the sword has been said to suck energy from its owner causing exhaustion at an early rate. The second sword is a much lighter sword, engraved with the moon and stars. Its effects are unknown, it is something from his past. Because of that he feels that this sword is really precious to him. Thus it is a weapon mainly used for defense.
Special AbilitiesNot much is known about his special abilities. Although his fighting style is rather unusual, sloppy yet brute. Mostly a defender, an odd one who dual wields swords.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has red ear fins, red wings as well.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLoyal, trustworthy, caring. All his life he has only known darkness and therefore it is only natural for him to feel compassionate, empathy, and caring towards others often sacrificing himself so that those he feels worth saving are safe from darkness harm. Due to being harmed by the darkness, he tends to have side-effects of anti-social like behavior from time to time.
BackgroundThis drake has had a troubled past, most of his memories have been repressed and doesn't even remember his life before his close encounter to death. Instead, he lives a lifestyle that focuses on living for tomorrow. Not much is known other than that he has a close tie to the stars.
LikesLoves nature in general, this includes the beaches, the rain, the mountains, there's also music ranging from all sorts of genres, drawing many things, really likes food.. especially pizza.
DislikesIt ranges, however if there is one out of many that stands out that is either being ignored or forgotten.
LocationUsually found at night among the stars, admiring their eternal glory.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhither and Die if you don't try.

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