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there. renam in a medieval like suit D:

Vital Statistics!

Character Namerenam
Specieslynx rufus/bob cat
Height5.57 feets
Weight176.36 lb

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourbrown o3o
Hair Colour...
Eye Colourpurpple
Clothingnormal urban clothes o3o, but, i dont have a image of him like that XD
Weaponryat this point... nothing D: maybe a bow .3.
Special Abilitieswell. he uses dark, BUT, channeling, his principal atack is to "burn" the darknes. so he can shoot odd fire to the target. incluiding make bomb like balls made of the same fire... he can also make an armor with the darkness and take the dark from peopple hearth. but he isn't very good with it. he should be able to make a fire sword to... soon... u3u
Outstanding Featureshe need a boost for the use of his dark powers o3o oh he can also use a soul of a fallen. like a ghost. and become like them, channeling with his body, for example. his body will change if he channel the soul of a knigth, his body will be the same to the knigth's body... and also have the same skills o3o, but it still is renam XD also, he can get the soul from very far o3o , but he need help to know where is the soul XD

Personality & Background

Personalityhe is a bit a smug , and when he is facing a very strong enemy, or when he is front someone like a bully he is more coward, and prefer to leave the work to someone ho can take rid of them... but he feels like he need to help peopple. he usually say bad jokes in the wrost momment U_U; aaand silly XD
Likeseat. sleep. swords, etc. etc. :B
Dislikesannoying peopple
Additional Info-w-

Just for Fun

Homepagenop C:
Favourite Quoteu__u

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