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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZachary "Zach" McKaye
SpeciesHuman / werewolf
Weight285 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur shot through with white, brown and grey highlights
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourHuman: blue-green Wolf: yellow
ClothingJeans, sleeveless t-shirt, tennis shoes
AccessoriesPlatinum chain with a small Celtic knot medallion. Converts to collar when in full wolf form.
Weaponryclaws and fangs
Special Abilitiescan change from human to wolf or a hybridized version he refers to as his "demon-wolf" form.
Outstanding Featuresin human form, has a tribal phoenix tattoo on right arm with "Invictus" (Latin for "unconquered") beneath it.

Personality & Background

Personalitypessimistic, angry at the world. considers his new werewolf state to be the only good thing to happen in a long time. generous and considerate to his few friends, brutally lethal to his enemies or anyone who hurts one of his friends
Backgroundtypical dysfunctional family life. deadbeat absentee father, uncaring mother and abusive step-father. engaged in high school until her death in a car accident. Has few people he calls friends and fewer that he trusts. He has had a rough life. Being fat until his new werewolf state converted his mass to muscle, he has been a victim of bullies most of his youth. He sees most people as stupid, greedy and selfish.
LikesRock and roll, Blues music, Classical, meat, pizza, drinking, reading and writing, horror movies, anything werewolf related
Dislikesrap and country music, snobs, bullies, stupidity, cheaters, liars, those who try to advance themselves at the price of hurting other people
LocationSt. Louis, MO USA
Occupationvarious. gets by on odd jobs so he can have freedom in his schedule to dispense his personal brand of justice against people he feels deserve it