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I'm standing in front of my mate. He's also holding the ruler next to me :3

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVulpes
SpeciesRed Fox
Height2 inches
Weight1.16514 grams
SummaryA very naive little fox, check his personality.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly: Orange; Some: White; Less than some:Black
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourL: Blue R: Green
ClothingNone ^^
AccessoriesNone ^^
WeaponryNone ^^
Special AbilitiesHonestly, none :P Some times I will feel like adding one or two via a kitsune or other magic but I make sure it wears off.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's just an average little micro. Naturally.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMostly pushy. When he's faced with a tough situation, like being intimidated or threatened of vore he'll try to talk his way out of it, but he's not good at talking anyway. He denies he has the fetishes, and will argue with the accuser until he's forced to shut up. He pretends to be naive in situations stated above, hoping the person will be talking about something else-- Usually, he's wrong. Most likely he will beg to be put in risky positions like the ones stated above, but when he gets to them he's changed his mind and will try to talk you out of it.
BackgroundHe doesn't wear clothes because he can't find any made small enough to fit him ^^ He's always abandoned and had normal sized parents.
LikesMen :P Paws, maws, all types of vore, being intimidated [my fursona doesn't, and will try to avoid it :P]
DislikesHerm, I can deal with women.. that's about it.
LocationStarts out homeless in a regular sized city, but if things turn for the better he will be moved into a macro city with a regular sized person :P Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
OccupationVery hard to find something for someone my size to do :3
Additional InfoHe's very cute :P Acts: Dominant, Is: Submissive; He is very slim, but still eats plenty. He's not as strong as an average person at his size would be, but he can still defend for himself. ; He is pretty shy when first met, but he will get warmed up to a new person and will start trying to dominate over them. Success in this attempt is all based on the other person.; There is no explanation for his eye colors. He thought it was normal until he sees others face to face [which tends to happen a lot] he found out his eyes were different. ; He's very sensitive for the way he acts. He normally expects people to just take it and move on. Sometimes it backfires on him ;3

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