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Commission done for me!! Yay! ^_^ (art Emiya)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMakeInu
SpeciesCanis lupus
AgeWho knows? (stopped aging at 18)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver-furred from ear to tail tip
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDeep green
ClothingWhite silken shirt which is worn under a light brown coat. Black cotton pants. Sturdy battle boots on mah footpaws sometimes. ^^
AccessoriesTwo golden studs in left ear. Bracelet made of mythril on right wrist. Ruby-studded, golden ring on left middle finger. Black ribbon tied around tailbase.
WeaponryMy mind and my paws (some mental powers, very tatical thinker, and not bad with paw to paw fighting). Also, I carry a light fencing sword made of tempered steel and silver, which is kept at my waist (very good swordfighter), and a cyprus staff made from one of the oldest cyprus trees to be found anywhere (casts some dark magic).
Outstanding FeaturesWell, I've got a scar from a whip...but I'd hafta take my clothes off ta show ya. And that's not gonna happen. (At least not 'till I know ya better :P) Got black paw pads and a big, flowing tail too.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAmicable, friendly by nature, but also cautious. Overlying carefree and fun-loving attitude hides his deeper, more serious, and wiser personality. Very open and will listen to ya if ya like ta talk! ^_^ (ask me anything! heh)
BackgroundBorn with one parent, my mother. Father died in a raid by an opposing enemy at the time before I was born. Fled to ive in a small, three-room house where I was later taken from my mother and trained in a variety of things. Had the ability of psychic powers since I was a pup, but developed it the most during some serious self-training.
LikesAnime! Video games! And DDR-ing...chatting with friends and furs of all kinds. Traveling great distances. Males! Pizza, sushi, and tiramisu. Rock music!!!
DislikesPeople who are narrow-minded, stupid, spiteful, and/or mean. Rap and country. Tomatoes or onions! Yuck! -.-
LocationTraveling to unknown places...
OccupationFull time student of many things...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Naked time!" ~Dumbledore, Potter Puppet Pals

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