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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHyuga
SpeciesTiger/Lion/Leopard Cross

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRusset-gold fur, long and fluffy, with light cream on chest, belly, feet, legs and paws. Along the center of his back, clustered along his spine are brown, washed-out rosettes, and around those, brown' washed-out stripes of the same color that wrap around his body. A heart like white splotch on his right buttcheek.
Hair ColourA dark brown half-mane that doesn't wrap around his ears or go under his chin, just drapes along his neck. Brown tuft on the tip of his tigerlike tail.
Eye ColourDeep brown, nearly black.
ClothingA one-size-too-big tee-shirt in dark blue, black sport-shorts with white trimming.
AccessoriesA PDA/Phone nestled inside a belt-holster, a sports wristwatch, and black prescription Oakley sunglasses
WeaponryNatural claws
Special AbilitiesHigh proficiency with electronics and machinery, can make almost anything, given time and resources.
Outstanding FeaturesOverweight, carries the majority of it in his torso.