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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMizakura
SpeciesClouded Leopard
GenderFemale / Female Herm
Height6 feet
SummaryMizakura strolls in, the clouded leopardess with crimson fur and black rosettes. She sways her tail from side to side in long sweeping arcs, a solid and toned body hidden beneath the silken fur and rose kimono she is wearing, tied at the waist with a black length of ribbon. She stands just a smidgen over six feet tall but is offset by the prominent spotted tail, which itself is nearly four feet long, perfectly groomed and quite fluffy. A string of silver piercings line each ear to the tip, a few more hidden away elsewhere. A silver bracelet sits on her left wrist and a matching one on her right ankle, both with a small bell hanging from it, jingling quietly at the slightest movement. Her eyes as well display the same silver coloring, glowing cheerfully with the smile she sports, a playful nature in each step she takes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCrimson fur, black rosettes
Hair Colournone
Eye ColourSilver iris with black pupil
ClothingPink kimono tied with a black sash
AccessoriesTwo silver bracelets. One on the left wrist and the other on the right ankle. A small silver bell on each. Five silver piercings on each ear, one on each nipple, [Censored- descriptions must be PG-13]
WeaponryWakizashi and a tanto. Both in a glossy black scabbard. The wakizashi hangs from her sash and the tanto is kept hidden inside of her robes.
Special AbilitiesExtremely well trained as a close combat fighter and martial artist. Adept in a mix of both weapons and her own body as fighting tools.