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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaxson
SpeciesDomestic Cat
Height5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight210 lbs
SummaryBeige and white cat

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStanding five feet and eleven inches tall this feline is rather more stocky than the average cat, barrel chested and with a lot of muscle mass but little tone on top of a naturally large build.

Maxson is usually found with a perpetual smile or grin on his face - showing off two rows of pearly white canines, incisors and molars - and a pair of square rimmed glasses on his face.

On top of his thick neck is a face with a stubby muzzle, square jawed and with slightly longer fur on the chin, all of which rests below a pair of narrowed eyes, coloured a dull slate grey (Base shade #2F4F4F). His ears are of a normal proportion for a cat's and are quite ordinary.

Atop his head and flowing down two feet or so is a long mess of wavy golden hair, something akin to a lion's mane but a good degree less busy, this "mane" is occasionally tied back in a tight ponytail.

The cat bears a couple of other small distinguishing characteristics, below his left eye is a tiny patch of slightly thinned fur which grows over a faded scar that he's had for as long as he remembers, having hit his face off a table as a child. All the way down from his strong jawed face is a single tattoo on his right pectoral, a Brotherhood of Steel crest; a winged sword pointing upwards and intersecting a series of gears.

His colouration is not massively unique or different but the fur has glossy and smooth shine of a well maintained short haired cat, coloured a pale beige (Base shade #C5BCB1) all over except for his paws up to half of his forearms and half of his shins which are covered in the purest white (Base shade #FFFFFF) fur, along with eartips and a tailtip of the same colour.
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourSlate grey
ClothingUsually black leather jeans - with a hole for his tail included - with a matching belt bearing a skull pattern and little else Except occasionally a tight t-shirt.

Alternatively, modified T-45d power armour.
WeaponryLaser Rifle

*Sigh* Weaboo Battle ready katana
Special AbilitiesPhysically extremely strong, even compared to other people his size.

Has a keen knowledge of anatomy and of grappling based combat.

Expert Marksman