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Asphar with a new Black Trenchcoat

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAsphar
Height6ft 2in
Summaryyou all know Alina now meet her younger brother has a great attitude and loves his sister to death even though he can drive her crazy and he will protect her no matter what. Asphar is tall but he is dwarfed by his sister's height what differs between him and his sister other than height is Asphar's massive muscles they aren't massively ginormous but they are big as well as the fact Asphar is silver and Black he has somewhat of a goth dress style but is really a fun loving and nice guy he wears a Blue tanktop and black jeans as well as a trenchcoat. His shoes are a combo of green and blue and he also has multiple styles but the one just described is his fav outfit

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver and Black, most of him is silver. His torso is Silver with a Black center, his legs are silver and his feet are black, his arms are silver and his hands are black. His eye lids are black
Hair ColourHis spines/hair are silver with black lining. A group of his spines goes over his left eye, and his spines style goes all over like Shadow's but are much longer than most Echidnas
Eye ColourBlue Eyes
Clothingblue Tanktop covered by a Black Leather Jacket with chains, very baggy black jeans that almost completely cover his feet, and he wears a pair of green and blue sneakers
Special Abilitieschange size
Outstanding Featuresthe only Echidna in existance that is Black and Silver and the only echidna to live off of Angel Island

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun lover, can drive his sister Alina insane but still loves her dearly and is very protective of his older sister likes to travel and try new things
Likeshis sister, pretty much all macro and micro stuff, travel, and respect towards others unless your giant then do as you will
Dislikescruelty to his sister, anything that deals with being disrespectful unless it's just fun
Locationrecently went back to Angel Island to lend aid towards guarding the Master Emerald