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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKalt
Height12 feet
WeightDont even dare
SummaryKalt is a fun loving yet shy squirreless who loves to meet new people and make friends. Shes super friendly and always generous with her acorns that she so loves. Shes not your average squirrel though with a special acorn related trait.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe fur on her front, inside her ears, lower half of her jaw, and her left paw are white. The fur on her back, right paw, both legs, her face, the back of her ears, and the upper half of her jaw are pink. Kalts finger and paw pads are a bright red as well.
Hair ColourKalt has a full head of shimmering purple hair that reaches down halfway on her back and is incredibly soft with all the care she gives it.
Eye ColourA deep purple that if youre not too careful you could lose yourself in!
ClothingKnee length black high heeled boots that add another foot to her height. A short purple skirt around her waist that doesnt do much to hide her purple panties with an acorn on the front from any normal sized or smaller observers that stand close enough. and a purple shirt that is short enough it shows her stomach and belly button. the shirt also has an acorn on it, big surprise eh?
AccessoriesA pink and purple purse that she uses to hold her acorns, its so full it seems like she got a bottomless purse.
WeaponryThe purse contains a wrist rocket and all the ammo in the world she could ever need
Special AbilitiesWhenever she sticks an acorn between her toes she grows by half of her current height over the next minute or so. the effect doesnt wear off for two hours and can only be done once for each set of toes. 4 toes on each paw makes 3 growth shots per paw for a total of 6 and a maximum height of around 140 feet
Outstanding FeaturesHer right cheek has a small spot of fur colored brown in the shape of yet another acorn and so does the left side of her rear.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKalt is very bubbly and loves to interact with people or tease them or even just snuggle, shes very friendly.
OccupationAcorn hunter :o