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extremely old .. but it gets enough of a point across.. aside from the wings

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKitaiya
SpeciesDragon Fox
SummaryKitaiya, more known as just Taiya, is bar none... the reason why Deck, Brackish and Victory are where the are. The hybrid is of their same species... though far different

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard red fox, though she does have an assortment of stripes running along her arms tail and other limbs
Hair ColourBlack... though changeable
Eye ColourPupilless and forever changing .. though neutrally a cloudy array of amber like colors
Clothing(namely whats in the picture unless stated otherwise) The material her clothing is made of is the scales of one of her native species, nearly impenetrable to 'modern' weapons , though fairly light. In essence .. limited armor
AccessoriesA bracelet like health monitor on her upper right forearm, which seconds as her own Magnetic Alteration Utility. (like Deck's glove)
WeaponryClaws, teeth... And on the more odd side of things.. the ability to manipulate the DNA of others if they arent consciously barricading themselves... even the DNA of plants which she prefers... as even a dog can lock her out of it's mind| Her magnetic bracelet... though it isn't as powerful or versatile as Deck's
Special AbilitiesAbility to manipulate DNA in other beings and plants, turning them into weapons
Outstanding FeaturesShe has no pupils .. and she has cumbersomely large wings (not portrayed well in this particular picture)

Personality & Background

PersonalityTaiya is generally laid back, attempting to understand the world around her... especially this 'new' world. She isn't against making friends.. in fact enjoying find someone to cling to and protect.. For the most part, she appears to be slightly wrong in the head, though she does have an understanding of some of the things she does, particularly playing with people's DNA... the extensive knowledge apparently left her brain with minimal room for anything else
Likesfire... doing whatever the nearest person tells her to.... fewd... sweet food, chewy food, tender food.. screaming food... you get the picture... and pretty much anything anyone else could possibly like (Really... anything)
Dislikesthings that don't involve tons of sugar
LocationSomewhere munchin' on something
OccupationStaying away from crazy peoples
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFROGS!!