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Kailani resting in a field, enjoying the sight of the falling Cherry Blossoms.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKailani Senam Wendell
AgeUnknown [Even shi doesn
WeightApproximately 4500 lbs or 2040 Kg

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIridescently black scales.
Eye ColourCobalt Blue, no visible pupil or iris.
ClothingWhen shi wears anything at all, it is a black robe with cobalt blue trim.
AccessoriesA wide belt with numerous pouches, which shi wears for the utility of having lots of large an handy pockets for hir belongings.
WeaponryHir claws, Tentacle Spines, and Tail.
Special AbilitiesPsionic to an extreme degree, primarily Empathy, Telepathy, and Metabolic Psionics, but with all other psionic schools to at least a small degree.
Outstanding FeaturesIs the only creature of hir species that ANYONE has seen, EVER.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKailani is kind and inquisitive, prone to being helpful and generous, and is unlikely to allow people close to hir to be harmed. Hir extreme degree of empathy causes hir to gravitate towards kind gentle and happy people, and to spurn those who are unkind, or overly emotional about meaningless things. Shi is also prone to spurning those only interested in meaningless sexual gratification.
BackgroundKailani is what is known as a Seeker among hir people, a fact shi shares freely, this means that shi has gone out into the universe at large to learn new things, and find new experiences, this makes hir prone to extreme curiosity, and shi is likely to question everything. Due to the nature of hir people's culture, all things religious are an anathema to hir, as shi finds the very concept of religion slightly appalling, as shi also finds anything else that requires one to stop questioning things and accept what you are told blindly. The Concepts of Faith, Belief, Crime, Murder, Theft, Rape, and Sin are non-existent in hir culture, and are therefore very difficult for the Telarian to understand and accept. In the case of crime shi simply finds the idea to be insanity, which shi is sure it is, as shi has found that crime occurs for only two real reasons, either one, someone is desperately needy, and takes things they need to survive, which hir people do not consider wrong in any way, or they commit crime because they are mentally unbalanced, in which case, they should have been cared for so as to prevent the criminal happening.
LikesHir friends and lover, playing, learning, just plain being happy.
DislikesAnything that causes others to suffer.
LocationAnywhere in the known universe.

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