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ahaha well that i made by myself so it\'s not very well ^^;

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMinortails
SpeciesBunny-Human hybrid
GenderMale (Most of the ti
Height1.8 meters
Weight65 Kilogramm
SummaryMino is one bunny who knows what he wants. Usualy he acts silly, or submissive, but sometimes his macro side comes out, and then he wants to have some subbies to play with : p U might should know that Mino already has a pet, called sean that belongs to him and he even brant it to let people know how things are : p

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite and indigo fur
Hair ColourBlonde (long haircut covering parts of his face)
Eye ColourArgentum
ClothingA big red plaid Pullover and jeans (usualy)
Accessoriesearrings pluged into his long bunnyears
WeaponryHe's a pacifist
Special AbilitiesChanging his size if he wants to
Outstanding FeaturesHis brain gots more power than 100 times all the pc's of the next 100 years together

Personality & Background

PersonalityPeacful, cheerful, cute, shy and so far (who really cares about? X3) Mostlx playful tho = p
BackgroundDunno... ask for if you really want to know X3 :D
Likes[When micro]Being used as a pawdoll, getting pinned underpaw (or underfoot at least X3^^) , generaly getting squeezed by macros, and also naughty stuff indeed : P [when macro] Being a mean macro, Beaing a cuddly one as well : ) smishing, steping on... the usual stuff... oh and naughty stuff XD
Dislikesleaving the chat X3
LocationRight under your paw :D
Additional Infono ^^

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