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Vital Statistics!

Character NameToxic
Weight96 lbs
Summarybred from a regular and a shiney lucario. Grown to prefer different attacking types. many experements in hazerdous chemicals have rendered his fur different tones thant that of other lucarios. he takes pleasure in testing new syrums and inventions on unwitting or duped innocent people and creatures. one in particular, a tiny roo is the focus of much of his experiments.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue for the most part, a light green on his torso down to his waist and stoppign at the edges of his shoulders and base of the neck, light purple hands and feet up to his elbows and knees, the same color is seen at his wais which creates a belt of purple fur, also on the rounded portion of his shoulders.
Hair Colourno hair only dread-like lobes hanging off the back of his head coverend in the same light purple fur present on his paws, this also creates a sort of mask on his face.
Eye Colourone glowing purple one glowing neon green they seem to alternate left and right.
Clothinglab coat, tan cargoes and flip flops
Accessoriescane, glasses
Outstanding Featuresodd colors for a lucario

Personality & Background

Personalitymad scientist type, but not quite antisocial, in fact quite personable but also very mischievious.
Backgroundsee summary, there really isn't much more to it.
Likesinjecting victims with new serums, inventing ray guns, and using tiny people and furs as basic neccesities such as food and cleaning tools and experiments.
Dislikesthe schwartz, ignorant people/furs,hypocritical jerks
Occupationmad scientist
Additional Infosoup