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Cyrin as depicted by Toy Dragon in Blue

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCyrin
SpeciesInflatable Common Dolphin Pool Toy
HeightSomewhere between 4.5ft and 5ft
WeightLess than 3kg
SummaryCyrin is an anthro vinyl pool toy, based loosely on a common dolphin. He is somewhat cartoon-like in terms of proportions and design, with an upright doll-style stance. His eyes are unmoving and painted-on. His beak is slightly open, but he does not have a separate tongue and his throat is sealed off. He has a pair of handles on either side of his fat, puffy dorsal fin. There is a large air valve on his belly and also the underside of his tailflukes, creating two independent air chambers. There is no visible sign of any genitalia between his hollow legs. He is animated and has a reasonably good degree of mobility, but is weak in comparison to the strength of organic creatures.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis vinyl is a translucent gunmetal grey, with a white belly and yellow streaks adorning his eyes and the sides of his torso; all of which is high-gloss.
Hair Colourn/a
Eye ColourGreen
AccessoriesCyrin is often seen with other pool toys, such as his small pink non-anthro dolphin ride-on, 'Pinkie'.
Special AbilitiesCyrin can be deflated when not in use, preferring to be stored folded-up; in this state, he is awake and sensually receptive, but in a reduced state of consciousness. If over-inflated, he is generally rendered immobile. He is not indestructible, but has never been damaged so far.
Outstanding FeaturesCyrin's hands are a cross between webbed dolphin 'paws' and mittens, which have two fused digits and a thumb. His feet are flattened, fused flippers. He also has elbow-fins.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe has a positive, happy disposition and a child-like innocence; his purpose in life is to satisfy and bring happiness to others, as is appropriate for a toy.
BackgroundCyrin has no recollection of his manufacture. During his time, he has been cared for by a number of 'owners', but is still searching for the right person to take care of him on a full-time basis.
LikesInflatable toys, being inflated, playing in the pool, fish, paws/hooves/flippers, cows.
DislikesBeing neglected or placed in danger.
LocationPerth, Western Australia
Occupation(RL: Software Engineer)

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