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Tape Noot

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTapeius Scalar
Height188cm (6
Weight85kg (187lbs)
SummaryTapeius, or Tape as he is commonly known, is a male anthropomorphic newt, with the colouration of a European Fire Salamander.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack frog like skin, splotches of bright yellow providing colour at various points along his body. 'Underbelly' area, on the insides of the limbs, chest, and tail remain free of markings. Sensitive flesh (Interior of genital slit, earholes, etc.) is a lighter shade of grey.
Hair ColourNone present
Eye ColourEmerald, with a faint turquoise ring on the outside of the iris
ClothingGenerally scampering around in long cargo pants, shirt, and hiking vest
AccessoriesTwine necklace with a variety of pointed tooth
Outstanding FeaturesLacks any kind of hair, nails, talons, or claws

Personality & Background

LocationPerth, Western Australia
OccupationJack of all trades, wanderer

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