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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShea
Height165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight79 kilograms (175 pounds)
SummaryLong silver-white hair flowing and floating to her knees and deep lake-blue eyes in a pleasant, smiling, seemingly innocent raccoon face. Below this almost child-like face is a compact, short body some would term over-curved. Her torso is dominated by a pair of immense, spherical, impossibly full, firm, bouncy and perky breasts, maybe 90 cm across each, obscuring most of her front, while her back is shapely and her arms toned. Under the tremendous chest is a tight tummy, very thick with muscle but not defined. Very wide hips and a big, curvy butt lead to thighs way too thick for her height, all tight heavy curves like a gymnast pumped up to an insane degree, leading to immense calves that taper down to tiny feet. No shoes are worn, only these spat-like boot-socks, a ring over her middle toe holding them in place.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray with a white underbelly, dark gray mask and tail bands.
Hair ColourSilvery-white, a bit shaggy in front, and pulled into a ponytail behind which drapes down to mid-back.
Eye ColourDeep lake-blue.
ClothingUp top Shea wears a shrug (a collar, half-length vest back, and elbow-length close-fitting sleeves and nothing more) in cream, with a stripe in purple metallic braided herringbone down the outsides of the sleeves bordered in gold trim. Under the shrug she wears a purple metallic wrap-around narrow band-like top that goes from her back around the outsides of her impossible breasts, around the front and over the outline of massive nipples and rings, just far enough to cover up what has to be for modesty, the whole ensemble showing off her entire cleavage and tight thick tummy to amazing effect. A pair of cream leather chaps-like pants are worn down to the knees, more a belt and two pants legs, the butt, crotch, and inner thighs open to mid-thigh. Down the sides are the same metallic purple herringbone and gold striping as on the shrug. Under this is a tiny, incredibly low-riding bikini-style bottom done in metallic purple, held in place by high-leg-style black straps with gold buckles. On her feet she wears short open-toe almost glove-like spats, not shoes, done in metallic purple that shimmers in the light, while her hands have the same.
AccessoriesOn her belt is a fanny pack crammed with odds and ends, along with a slew of alien currency, all from different places and in all sorts of denominations both large and small. Under her top she wears a set of nipple rings, the outline of which can usually be seen. A belly-button ring with pendant adorns her tight, trim tummy.
WeaponryNone carried, ever, and will not use weapons handed her.
Special AbilitiesShea is deceptively strong, especially for her diminutive size (about five times the strength of a very strong human male of around six feet in height or so). She really barely uses this strength, though it IS apparent in her legs. Consequently, she can leap a good ten meters straight up and can land safely from the same.
Outstanding FeaturesHer figure? The fact she'd make furry porno stars blush upon seeing her?

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, outgoing, curious, and mildly kleptomaniacal like all raccoons, but able to keep the latter in check.
BackgroundA traveler by necessity, Shea, like most of her folk, is something of a gypsy. Her entire species, across multiple star systems, was forced into wandering after the local governments branded her folk as thieves, trespassers, and general ne'er-do-wells. One by one their communities were marginalized, then forced out. Now they all live in ships, wandering the stars without a single permanent home, acting as freelance traders, techs, tinkerers, etc. Some of their communities are roving black markets, others are clean and law-abiding.
Shea was born into this and grew up as a traveler. Now she has her own small personal ship and ships small cargoes and trades in odd bric-a-brac.
LikesFriendly conversations, cuddling, shiny objects and interesting baubles, new places.
DislikesWhat most normal folk dislike, plus an intense hatred of slavery bordering on the edge of being considered an obsession. Even consenting slavery makes her ill and nauseous. Shea also has an intense hatred for those who hurt others for amusement or out of callousness.
LocationTalking to you? I mean, if you're here, you're obviously talking to me, right? If not, then you're looking me up for some other reason. It's OK, but I'm telling you I DIDN'T DO IT!
OccupationWanderer, Gypsy, tinkerer, tech, trader.