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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGary Westin
Height108 feet (not including ears)
Weight520 tons

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray, except for white on his belly and inside of his thighs, palms, and paw-soles
Hair ColourSame as everywhere else
Eye ColourBright cheerful blue eyes
ClothingUsually in a snug-fitting T-shirt, black with a bright yellow smiley-face filling the chest, the smiley-face's tongue sticking out, and cutoff denim short-shorts with the front pockets hanging down below the ragged hem against his legs.
AccessoriesHe wears a braided friendship anklet on his right leg, three strands woven together with a set of rainbow beads usually falling to the side of his ankle, and has a blue-glass earstud piercing the base of his right ear. He also has a nice black collar around his neck, courtesy of his adopted dad Mud, that lets him change size.
WeaponryNone - he's just a boy, why would he have weapons?
Outstanding FeaturesUsual bunny features:
  • Eighteen foot long floppy ears (lop-ears), whitefurred on the inside (but glowing pink when he blushes)
  • A small fluffy tail about the same length as his ears but much poofier, gray on the side towards his body and white away from it
  • Oversized footpaws, twenty-five feet long, six feet of which are slender, flexible toes ending in sharp toeclaws.
  • Finally, his short bunny-muzzle, with its pointed triangular nose, pink and twitchy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually bright and cheerful, Gary tends to swing between sitting quietly and bouncing around with frenetic energy.
BackgroundA classic "latch-key kid", with parents who both worked well more than full-time at their respective law firms. While he has everything he could ask for materially, the affection he craves is not really found at home. At the beginning of this summer vacation, his parents sent him off to another town, prepared to follow him, and never got around to it. He lived there for two months with a child protective services agent, met and fell in love with another boy. He was happy, working on convincing his parents to let him stay there and go to school there instead of back home, when his parents announced that they had a new job and he had to come back home early to move. The last thing Gary remembers before waking up here was the pilot telling everyone to hold tight as the plane dove towards the ocean.
LikesPizza, swimming, pizza, flirting playfully with other cute boys, pizza, footrubs, and pizza.
DislikesBullies, bashers, and being teased about being short. (The latter probably doesn't apply anymore)
OccupationAvoiding school! Well, not really, but he wishes it could be summer vacation all year round.
Additional InfoGary's confused by everyone bein' so tiny, so might not be as careful as he should be; but he's a well-meaning boy and won't intentionally hurt someone unless they "deserve" it in his mind.

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