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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHunter Shawdowpaw
SpeciesWinged Wolf
Height6 ft
SummaryA bubbly wolf who can grow and shrink ^ ^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMy Fur is purple her wings made by my mate Albin Hodge which are white with a few purple silk feathers added into the mix
Hair Colourits past her shoulder and is white witch a few strands of purple
Eye Coloura dark siver that changes depending on her mood
Clothinga pair of tight blue jeans. a white T-shirt no shoes . and a beautiful ring her mate Albin gave her
Accessorieschain Necklace, personal crest tattoo around navel. and a cresten moon and star on her palm
Weaponryi dont use weapons all that much unless needed
Special AbilitiesI can shrink and grow to any size anyone wishes.
Outstanding Featuresi have silk wings with a a cresant moon and star on my palm from where i mated

Personality & Background

Personalitycan get along with anyone really loves getting attention. im always ready for an adventur and learning new things
BackgroundI lived mostlly with my brother Heathan. my parents died when i was little. since my father was a demon Humans hunted us but me and heathen got away. oddly i fell for one and now where togather
LikesRandomness, hunting, reading, occasional desolation, smut. Paws flowers flying
DislikesVore and scat!!!!
OccupationBody Guard