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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRtma Eros Paragon
AgeImmortal (Appears early 20s)
HeightBase Size of 50ft
SummaryJust a little glimpse of Rtma growing up.

Early Years


Recent Years

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHot Magenta primary scaly skin with Crystalline properties, my body is rather shiny and is especially noticeable in sunlight when I sparkle/glitter like a Diamond, Platinum silver underbelly & wing membranes, Pristine Gold Horns/finger/toe Claws/Spikes do have a metallic gloss to it as well as a sheen in the light.

Also have Indigo Body Markings that stem from my ankles that wrap around my body in a vine like fashion, (Symbolizing Vitality, Grace, Fertility, Sensuality) curling off around my upper pectorals, a few individual markings that traverse down along my arms in a claw mark pattern (Symbolizing Strength, Fortitude, Endurance, Integrity).

A moderately sized Golden bondage symbol (The Caduceus) imprinted between my pectorals as a sign of unity, as friends, as family, as lovers, glows in response to loved ones in the vicinity.
Hair ColourEbony, glossy/shiny Quills protruding from my skull, the base of the quills have a slight gradient transitions from hot magenta to ebony.
Eye ColourVaries, Typically a Glowing Emerald Green.
ClothingA Snug Enchanted Thong capable of conforming to almost any size I grow to (Or adversely shrink), this is my Passive outfit, actively I could wear anything but I do like the more sensual, snug & accentuating type clothes, like Jeans + Singlet Combo, or Shorts + Muscle Tee, even something like a Lycra/Latex suit with modifications for aesthetics like a energy matrix embedded into the material to give a cybernetic appeal, pulsing with coloured energy.
AccessoriesNone by Default.
WeaponryNone by Default.
Special AbilitiesOmnipotent being capable of doing Anything that the imagination can conceive and beyond. (Typically as a means of Expressing oneself.)
Outstanding FeaturesHyperbound Muscular Body, Soft angelic glow, Radiant sparkling in direct sunlight, Iridescent otherwise, Rather Endowed Characteristics, Caring & Understanding, Friendly, Is a Dragon, Unlimited potential.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUniversally Friendly, Kind, Considerate & Affectionate Especially in certain moods, I tend to keep to myself since I'm not very talkative I will give you support were ever I can, I can be random at times but usually never intentionally Harm, I try to Analyze and Contemplate understanding on a multitude of levels, I might forget sometimes or become distracted but I do care.
BackgroundRtma's origins are vague at best, all that he knows from the inherited fragments is that he came from a different realm of powerful celestial entities (His Dragon Parents being the two most powerful opposites), forged out of his Dragon Parents forbidden love and was sent to a pair of elder Dragons for safe keeping due to the societies concern about disrupting the balance of power bringing this new level of being into existence, so in doing so Rtma's true power was suppressed for the safety of others and from himself, so during childhood phase was relatively normal asides from the demi god like physical traits (Enhanced Strength, durability, endurance etc)

Tho once hitting teenaged years his physical traits and hormones translated into the natural muscle gain and growth along with other things as Rtma's influence was seeping thru with marginal effects (Charming, Attracting etc) and become practically Immortal (Physical embodiment of Godhood) you could say Rtma's body was preparing for the full responsibility of adulthood as the power manifested later on,

Anything about their society disappeared soon after delivery to the elder Dragons, holding only a fragment of his origin, which left starting out my journey as a Fire demi god dragon which Stumbled upon other Elemental traits like Ice and Poison later in his life which expanded into 10 different types in the End not to mention Growth and other abilities as my power began to awaken/Surface/manifest, in the Beginning it was hard to keep these Elements under control and usually endangered myself and others but after time I learned and with the support of my friends I soon controlled these wonderful states as they came, til I was Transcended prematurely by his loving adopted father Enki.

Update - After being Re-birthed I'm now and forever will be a Beyonder Lord.
LikesLikes? Positives Usually Embracing Affectionate, all round Nice, Understanding and Sympathetic types, loving, open minded people, Intelligence, common sense and courtesy, being yourself, on a Personal level more intimate and sensual actions like Cuddles, gropes, fondling, further information into Private matters can be discussed, I prefer being the Bigger Dragon.
DislikesLag, Violence, Hate, Lies, Discrimination, Prejudice, Abuse, Neglect, Sheer Ignorance, Greed, self absorbed Elitists, Inconsiderate Arrogance, Stupidity in a harmful manner, Close minded homophobic types, Parasites, pretentious people, Injustice, Ignored, Unwanted, manipulators, feeling Trivialized, Rejection, Hypocrites, bigots, Lairs, Abusers, Anything Negative that makes life a burden or unpleasant.
LocationNexus, Anywhere, Current Domicile located at the Foot hills of the Swiss Alps, Another being a Beach Villa located somewhere on a Tropical Island.
OccupationFree Spirited til life affects my other Form, Gamer(Non-Profit).
Additional InfoI'm Gay, I Love Dragons and Scalies, I enjoy playing Games, I have Autism/Aspergers, Anything else? Ask me, Get to know me, wishes to bring Happiness and comfort to an otherwise Despairing and Conflicting world, this Dragon tries but feels Tired and Mentally Unstable at times even Despair and Impotency.

{Replicas} - They're physical manifestations of my younger self, appearing using my original colours (Red&Orange main, Tan Horns/Spikes, Ebony Claws, Ruby Eyes, or use" Early years" reference link, look for age 16 to give approximate proportions) default 10ft and heavily endowed, they're like my Children, my little brothers if you like, they don't have any abilities except for Fire breath with limited alteration and physical attributes of that of a God equivalent, their primary function is unconditional love and support, their bond between one another is so strong and attracted, they express loving intimacy frequently, so it's difficult to keep their hands and muzzles off one another. ~.-.^ <3

Update: {Snake Boys} Recent Addition to the family is my counter Part Snakey's Boys (My Snake Form) their default size is a yr 14 frame build and are Anthro Snakes (Typically coloured green or natural colours) that are symbolically bonded to their Dragon brother's and have a insatiable need to feed and pleasure their loved ones in the manner most preferred in the Family.
They come in 2 forms which they can transform freely, Serpent form - which allows them to be just as you know snakes in the wild, have a tendency to be adorable, sweet and squirm their way into nest in your pants/underwear, Anthro - is more hands and muzzles on then the other, pleasure both ways, speaking of which, they have the ability to Growth Invenomate (Which outside of Family and other Dragon's is limited and anyone intending to conduct malicious acts will find the venom rendered useless), it is harmless and can be ejected onto the skin, sending their loving recipient into powerful surging growth, giving accumulative euphoric and sexual overdrive allow the milking process to be more readily available but is reserved, otherwise they can give short controlled bursting nips for playful growth instead and can replenish their Venom in time or after feeding, also that they're immune to their own venom but can grow thru feeding on a love bit grown one. :3

{Elemental Dragon God Brothers} - After the Ascension passed Rtma's Elemental phases triggered by associated Emotions the Essences of his 10 states formed in the deep, unknown recesses of Rtma's mind, as he evolved and grew so did these shapeless forms, ruled by the nature of their Element these mindless forms collided with one another constantly, violently like supernovas, but soon they began to develop a consciousness and with the Will of Rtma's lonely existence encouraging their growth, they also inherited his personality traits and physical embodiment later on, as each blob like Elemental essence became self aware, sentient beings being masters/Gods of their Element, growing into Dragons resembling Rtma's physiology in the process, with minor elemental associated attributes, during a stage in Rtma's life while ending one relationship and forming another they emerged into the physical realm on which Rtma inhabits at this time, each with their own elemental plane of existence they call home tied to Rtma's domicile they can always come back to and live in, which they're Family.

{Elemental Dragon God Brothers Traits and Distinguishing Features}
'Pyre' - Fire/Passion, Mainly Red, Flaming tail tip grows and calms associated with Mood Intensity, Constantly emits Heat, Heat Shimmering.
'Cyro' - Ice/Artistic, Mainly a Lighter Blue, Icy Appeal, cool frigid air sinks from his body, small quill like bristles along his spine/tail stiffen and grow into ice shards when greatly Angered/Aroused.
'Corrosion' - Poison/Bitterness, Mainly Green has serpentine features like a more Snake like head, fangs, tongue, scales patterned then of his Brothers, constantly self coats with a viscous slime (Or emits a noxious cloud) that tends to leave eroded burn marks were he walks.
'Photon' - Light/Protective, Mainly White with Golden highlights, Emits a bright, white, Divine like aura around himself, illuminating, has feathered wings.
'Shadow' - Darkness/Destruction, Mainly Black with Violet underside, silver claws and horns, has a black miasma like shadow shroud Aura, Instead of Spikes protruding from the top of the forehead back along the skull and spine, a large frill/spine membrane extends back instead, extending from his head down part way of his tail, from the neck down, can retract.
'Gaia' - Earth/Strength, Mainly Earthy Brown like appearance, Metallic Claws and Horns, Bigger then all his Brothers by default and most muscular, can have a rough rock like skin.
'Gale' - Air/Free Spirited, Cyan coloured appearance/lighter shade underside, Feathered wings and a crown of feathers like Rtma's Quills, Slender built.
'Volt' - Electricity/Energetic, Primarily Purple with curvy horns that act like Tesla coils, sparks and jolts of energy arc from his scaly skin regularly, harmless to friendlies, slender built,
'Ankh' - Life/Euphoria, Gold in appearance, white eyes, golden glow, warm.
'Grim' - Death/Apathy, Overall Grey, necrotic or cybernetic look/parts, lacking pupils, white eyes, Deathless/undead, life draining passive on contact if not friendly, cold.

A Few new Dragon Brothers have been forged during my Journeys on Champions Online and are a welcome addition to the Family,
Quantum - Cobalt/DeepBlueSky, white underside, he has white quad horns, Cobalt/DeepBlueSky patterns ingrained markings, God(Currently) of the Force and Kinetic Manipulation.
Matrix - Pink, white underside, Similar proportion size to Gale/Volt/Quantum, God(Currently) of Telekinesis, Telepathy, Pink ingrained Pattern horns, Black Quad pattern.
Deuteron - Gold & Silver with Blue energy Highlights, Cybernetic Dragon of Science and Technology.

Their is also Phalanx, Blue mainly, masterful Swordsman and supernatural agility, built like his Slimmer Brethren.
IronClaw, Red mainly, Brutish Heavy Weapons Dragon(Raw Strength and Ferocity, Heavy Build), Melee Preference, came from another Reality that was before my adventures on Champions Online.
Artamax is a well rounded proficient leader and combat specialist existed as a Dragon Commander, as they're his loved ones there, but that's another Story.

Other Kin - Enigma, Cream/Violet - Master of Magic's,

Scythe, - Green mostly, silver underside, Bestial Dragon Warrior of the Tooth and Claw variety, savage beauty.

Axon - Bio Mechanical Dragon, Mostly gold and silver, Deuteron's creation, like Father/Son, Big/Lil Brother, Teacher/Student, Excels in Mechanical/Gadgetry/Electronics.

Venator - Hunter Snake, Excels at Archery/Stealth, Golden in Appearance.

Tungsten - Golden Dragon, Cowboy styled, pistol slinging pro.

Crusher - Shark/Aquatic Dragon, Mostly Blue, in particular his Dragon Form, able to Manipulate Water.

. Rex - mostly red Dragon, Munitions Expert.

A Small side note: Anything linked to and associated with their comprised element they can extend their abilities and control as such, example, Cryo is a Elemental Dragon God of Ice yet he can control Water, Gale with Storms, Pyre with Plasma Gaia with Nature, etc.

It's a new Year and everybody has grown bigger and bulkier then before, me, my Brothers, Boys, also have enhancements that trigger under sensual circumstances that include Bulking, Growth and Growth Seed. ♥ Limited effects outside the Family and Dragon Species.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe Bigger I get, the More Love I can Share ~ Rtma <3