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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCream Cup
HeightJust a hair over 12 hands
SummaryShe is a light-yellow "my little pony" pony with a white mane. Her brand is two cups, overlapping and overflowing and looking slightly like a pair of breasts. Her udder is swollen unnaturally for a pony, the pink udder easily visible from the back and from the sides.

Outward Appearance

ClothingShe is never seen without full tack and harness, either a red rubber or a white leather for summer and winter respectively. In either case, she wears constrictive blinders that block out anything not directly in front of her. The pony also has a very decorative martingale, a strap that runs from her bridal to a strap on her chest, which limits how high she can lift her head (usually only to waist height on most average furs). Her saddle is a traditional western saddle with a dyed faux cowfur horse blanket underneath.
Outstanding FeaturesHer udder is around the size of two American Footballs, which normally don't cause her any discomfort other than when they get too cold or too warm. Her milk contains a 60% fat content, which makes it extremely creamy and rich.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is affectionate and friendly when she is around close friends, but she can be shy and skittish around unknown people.
BackgroundWhen she was little she lived in a children's petting zoo, but when her udder started to develop abnormally, she was quietly released into the private sector.
LikesMint ice cream, back rubs, bubble baths, and being combed out.
DislikesBeing teased, being called short, smelly people.