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Image by Machi-neko. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/machi-neko

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaris Quickpaw
Height9ft 4in tall : 18ft 6in long (with tail)
Weight1024 lb
SummaryThis wolftaur inherited a recessive dragon gene in his family tree, and gained his prehensile tail, wings, and scales that run down his spine.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown fur with cream color on his underbelly and yellow/gold scales.
Eye ColourBlue with a gold ring on the outside of the iris
ClothingA a taur, he wears nothing. IN his anthro form, he usualy wears baggy, olive green, drab brown, or tan, loose fitting cargo pants.
WeaponryLarge, powerful magical arsenal, rarely used. Skills with swords, both in fencing and battle fields applications. Skills with firearms, especially mid to long range riffles and assault riffles. Special emphasis on sniper rifles. Also skilled with use of orbital bombardment weapons. (muahahaha)
Special AbilitiesAs a voraphile, he is capable of engulfing meals of his size and slightly larger, but greatly prefers meals of an average anthro size. He has two stomachs, the first being safe, circulating fresh air, and secreting non-acidic slime. The second stomach, following the first, is where digestion takes place, and any food entering there is most likely in for a one way trip. The woftaur is capable of controlling his digestive tract, so making it out the rear alive is possible. He also enjoys cock vore and unbirth. He is a herm, but tries to not make a big deal about it, his female anatomy usually hidden by his tail.
Outstanding FeaturesWings, prehensile tail, and other features inherited from recessive draconian genes. His is a powerful sorcerer, using a unique brand and style of old magics, though rarely makes active use of it. rather, he's spent several years of setting up wards, loopholes, and fail-safes upon himself and a few that extend to close friends.

Personality & Background

BackgroundHis family are wolves, but a great-grandfather was a gold dragon, and he inherited his recessive genes, giving him his wings, tail, and magical abilities.
OccupationArtist, minister, all around nice guy.
Additional Infohttp://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Taris%20Quickpaw

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