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Fear of needles, fleshbag? Perfectly understandable when you\'re around me...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVae
SpeciesFelidae Sapiens

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCream coloured, devoid of any markings.
Hair ColourAmethyst purple. Vae generally wears it loose, though when working on something, she ties it into a lengthy ponytail.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingImmaculately kept.
AccessoriesA small steel case containing various darts, syrettes, hipflask, journal, a stress-ball made of C4, and an adamantium spoon.
WeaponryWherever the doctor goes, she has a habit of ensuring she's fully armed and capable of dealing with whatever adversity she may face - be it a grave threat to her existence, or someone merely annoying her a bit too much, Vae will happily blast the obstacle to a cinder with her plasma pistol. For close quarters combat, she has several knives hidden within her labcoat - sharp, and ready to use at a moment's notice. Should she be required to take someone (a resistant patient, for example) down in a non-lethal manner, she also has a .22 calibre, gas-powered dart pistol for such an occasion.
Special AbilitiesVae's body has been augmented by various applications of nanotechnology and cybernetic implants. The benefits these convey are manyfold; from boosts in perception to a vastly expanded intellect. Beneath her fur and flesh, she's approximately 25% machine. To top this all off, the doctor has an immense skill with firearms - energy based weapons especially. This stems from her borderline obsessive combat training regimen.
Outstanding FeaturesOther than her incredibly good looks? An ego to match.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVae's personality is somewhat variable. While she is ever-mindful of her manners and seldom rude without reason, the doctor tends to come across as cold or detached to strangers. Despite this frosty disposition, there are times when she warms up; specifically to those she knows well and cares about...or sometimes just when she's had a few too many drinks. She harbours an intense dislike of humans, though has partially overcome this recently...enough to make friends with a few of them. Immensely calm, collected, and confident, she gives the impression of being utterly unflappable, even if she isn't quite as detached as she likes to pretend. This cool facade can instantly disentigrate into a sociopathic rage if you know which buttons to push. Naturally, it's highly inadvisable to do this.
BackgroundThe majority of Vae's past is unknown. She has dropped the occasional hint of how she came to slip the shackles of her original humanity, but nothing particularly conclusive. Vae utterly disregards her human life, prior to becoming what she is today. It is a noted sore subject with the doctor, and one probably best left alone.
LikesHer partner, science, the colour purple, causing chaos, Mondays, herself, hoarding purple things, foot massages, KMFDM, spending the vast majority of her time working at the CYOC bar, cuddles with Exo, Italian food, old fashioned American cars, the night, really big explosions, catnip (even if she denies it), cooking, fedoras, narrowing her eyes and looking sceptically at others, gaming.
DislikesHumans, loud noises that aren't explosions, miscalculations, steak, rudeness/ignorance, Wednesdays, magic, humans again, BMW drivers, sunny days, waterballoons, jellyfish, being idle, anything with tentacles, being prodded, and above all of these, mayonaise.
LocationUsually found at the bar, or lounging on a sofa in one of the room's darker quarters.
Occupation"Transhuman Specialist" - Vae considers herself a doctor - one that "cures" humanity, one needle, pill, and unstable transformational energy ray at a time.
Additional Info- I'm nearly always open to TF requests. All you need to do is ask, and 95% of the time, I'll gladly oblige. Feel free to make your request as specific as you wish; I love a challenge, and a chance to get creative when TFing others. :)
- I'm RP/PM friendly. By all means drop me a message if you just fancy a chat, or want to RP. I don't bite, promise.
- Pretty much anything I say or do within CYOC is strictly in character, unless otherwise stated - i.e. using brackets.
- I can't stress this enough - further to the above point, please, please, PLEASE don't take Vae's (sometimes unkind) words/actions to heart. I understand that she isn't always the nicest of sorts, but...I'm just acting out a part. If I somehow manage to offend you, be sure to tell me - so that I can avoid treading on your toes again.

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