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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGoddess Violet (Chimera)
SpeciesChimera (Lioness/Dragoness)
AgeOlder than Dirt
HeightBig. That
WeightHeavy enough to crush you into paste. ;P
SummaryA big girl with just the right equipment to take on the world.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown for her fur and jet black scales.
Hair ColourStill violet.
Eye ColourSTILL violet.
ClothingZero! :3
AccessoriesTwo violet chokers around each neck.
WeaponryHer size, her strength, her FIYAH BREATH, and an arseload of magical crap.
Special AbilitiesMagical crap?
Outstanding FeaturesShe's extremely well endowed. :P

Personality & Background

PersonalityHyper, giggly, authoritative, dark, dominant, and mischievous.
LikesGrowth, strength training, showing off, breaking things, fixing things (sometimes), cuddling people, being worshiped, small furs under her feet, smaller furs in her mouth, unbirthing (!).
DislikesHaving to follow the rules.
LocationBig massive copypasta commencing:

A soft grin and a sensual wink are the responses to your gaze. The lovely chimera, Violet, giggles to herself as she acknowledges your presence. She turns to the side a bit with her clawed hands at her hips, striking a very seductive pose. With a smirk, she leans in and licks you gently, another proof of just how carefree and playful she is. However, she does have a hidden desire: she wants to become a Goddess. Through a strange event which involved scientific experimentation, a horrible chemical spill, and seventy two rubber bands, Violet gained three strange abilities. First, she gained the power to grow and shrink at will, although it's limited by her mental strength and energy. Second, she became much more psychically aware, attaining several different psychic abilities. Third, she became able to copy a creature's form and (when in her normal form or in their form) any special powers they may have. In addition to her standard method of DNA absorption, she now can temporarily fuse with another fur and gain a new hybrid form that she can then access without fusion.

Violet's body definitely qualifies as intimidating, though retains quite a lot of the charms that warrant her attention from males and females alike. Her greatest feature might very well be the gigantic muscles she sports so well. Even without her immense height advantage, she manages to make even the toughest bodybuilders look like little kids. Currently, she wears no clothing whatsoever, a testament to her self-confidence. Violet absolutely loves to show off and takes every point she can to flex her rippling biceps, her rock hard eight pack abs, even her enormous feet are fair game for posing. Her shimmering black scales and flowing violet hair are also two of her more "feminine" prides. Around both necks are identical spiked chokers, each painted a deep shade of violet. Her left head is classically draconic in appearance, yet shies away from the reptilian qualities just enough to detract from what would otherwise be a very fearsome appearance... of course, she still manages to do that with her extremely muscular body and towering height, even when not macro. Her right head, on the other hand, takes on the qualities of a lioness, right down to the furry mane. Moving down to her arms, we see more of her muscle as she turns a bit, giving a good view to the her sheer muscle density. Her hands are definitely closer to claws, with each of the four fingers (including the opposable one) more reptilian in nature and having a large and sharp point on the end. As we take a look at her upper torso, we can see that her pectoral muscles are very well-developed, as well as the breasts themselves. And speaking of breasts, Violet has plenty to spare--a total of six! They adorn her chest in a compact rectangle set, two rows of three breasts along her extended torso. Violet's wingspan is very impressive at nearly two and a half times her body length. The clearly-draconic wings are easily folded up and stored, although she usually lets them fly freely. She also bears three different tails, the middle one the longest and bearing a blade on the end. And if that isn't enough for you, she also carries a set of twelve jet-black tentacles set into her spine. They flow about freely behind her and can be used for a variety of amusing tasks. Just use your imagination. ;) Violet's lower torso follows the pattern set by the rest of her body: very tough and muscular. Her core, which would usually be a weak spot, looks hard enough that you could break a bone by hitting it with sufficient force. Unlike her arms, Violet's legs are covered with soft, shiny lioness fur, though still shaped in the traditional draconic form. In between those legs, are her exposed genitalia. She bears twin slits, both of the lioness shape. Mounted below them, however, is her gargantuan phallus, appropriately sized orbs included. When fully aroused, the huge member pokes up far enough for her heads to take turns lapping at the tip. Her feet are closer to furry paws, though they still bear five toes with wicked, yet retractable, claws. They're still large as ever, about a size fifteen when she's human-sized. She is quite the playful type, always looking for new playmates. When she's not out messing with people, she's often just a regular girl, except for being much larger than most furs. When asked, she will admit to having a thing for foot massages...

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHmm... Trolls smell like pepperment.

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