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Vital Statistics!

Character Nametibs
Height100 feet (not permanet)
Weightunknown (believed to be about 2 tons when she is 100 feet tall)
Summarya big busty rubber herm dragoness with a very big heart

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdiffrent shades of green all over
Hair Colour
Eye Colourright eye blue left eye green
Clothingif clothing is nessisary she wears a tanktop that covers her chest only and a pair of loose shorts
Special Abilities1. she is completely acid proof 2. she can change her size at will 3. she can use special juice that she makes in an unknown way to digest then reconstruct her prey painlessly (she may add a few pleasant adjustments) 4. she can shift between feral and anthro body shapes at will 5. she can change gender at will (some people don't like herms) 6. and she can use telepathy 7. when she lactates she produces a thick warm sweet milk that invigorates the body filling it with energy and it will speed up the rate at wich a fur's bodily fluids are replenished with no ill side effects to the fur (has yet to be tested on a human)
Outstanding Features1. she does not have stomach acid 2. due to the lack of actual digestion she has no waste exept the ocaisional guest :3 3. she has a secondary stomach in wich she has medical supplies

Personality & Background

Personalitykind, careing, and loveing
Backgroundshe has distinct dislike of pain.
Likessoft vore, unbirth, anal vore, anal yiff, cock vore, tail vore, and many other things too
Dislikesgore, hard vore, boob vore, strange vore, tourture , mutilation, death, and strange yiff
Locationall over the place
Additional Info( Adult description REMOVED, please do not add it a third time. )