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Rex boyo!~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRex Bronto
GenderMale...and female
SummaryRex is a Malamute with a sense of adventure maybe a little too big for his body. After all, he's 14 and already gotten himself into a decent share of crazy adventures; one leaving him with his trademark red ball.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIt's a shade of green that always seems a little different from the last with fields of white here and there to complete the 'mutes coat.
Hair ColourSame as the fur, but always in style baby.
Eye ColourRex would say a bright blue, others would say blue. It's obvious who the winner is here.
ClothingRex likes to keep it fresh with a new set of duds every day; but he's rather fond of pants with pockets. Because more inventory space is always welcome.
AccessoriesA collar with a name tag on it, however; the tag doesn't have his name on it. It's just a tag in the shape of a T-Rex.
WeaponryPaws...and maws...and a pretty nasty spin attack.
Special AbilitiesRex's Red Rubber Ball- Thanks to his many adventures as a young pup, Rex came across a super magical red ball that squeeks. However, the ball was cursed! Now whenever the malamute hears the squeek of the ball, his gender shifts from male to female and back!

Personality & Background

PersonalityRex is a rather chipper fellow. He enjoys chewing on things like any good dog would and is always hasty to ask 'Why?'. His female form is more or less the same, if a little more fiery and quick to anger.
BackgroundThe malamute came from a pretty average family. He's got two brothers and a sister, he's the youngest of the group by a year or so but the only one to not live with the parents. Rex much prefers the dog house in the back yard.
LikesChewing! Napping! Chewing! Adventures! Chewing! Playing with super advanced devices he obviously isn't supposed to be playing with! Chewing!...Chewing!
DislikesNot chewing! The dentist! Movies with talking Dogs! (They creep him out...a lot.)
LocationRex is allll over the place, he's rather fond of just plopping harshly on people as well.
OccupationAdventure HO!
Additional InfoChases after sticks. Every. Single. Time. Hi Lyn!