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Lyn-Lyn Love-kitten~!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLyn Agrawal
SpeciesCat (Housecat)
Height5 ft. (And up.)
Weight181 lbs. (And up.)
SummaryLyn is your not-so-standard mischievous smack-talking teenage kitten. Slightly heavy set, and with a bit of an appetite for causing trouble. She's always got something in her bag to cause a bit of mayhem in one fashion or another.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVarying shades of black.
Hair ColourHer hair is more like headfur. This, it's also varying shades of black and usually a total mess.
Eye ColourHer right eye is light blue and her left is light yellow. Her eyes are large so her whites are generally never seen.
ClothingShe changes clothing generally, so whatever she feels like wearing at the time. Though generally, her clothing will consist of mainly purple cloth.
AccessoriesHer messenger bag, which contains all of her most prize possessions as well as some random junk and a few things used for the mischief that she so loves to spread around. Lyn's other accessories consist of her signature purple and lavender star bracelet, her star toe ring, her three piercings (Two in her left ear, one in her right), and last but certainly not least, her small silver glasses.
WeaponryHer claws.
Special AbilitiesShe doesn't have any real special abilities, though the array of mysterious vials in her arsenal offer plenty of strange effects.
Outstanding FeaturesHer arms and legs are particularly fluffy, her ears are a bit large, she has really wide hips as well as a large behind, and her paws are a bit more traditional. They're large and thick for both her hands and feet, making it harder for her to do some simpler things due to their size. Look at the image for paw reference.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLyn is generally sarcastic, as well as a bit of a loud-mouth. She tends to talk a lot of smack, but she's still pretty affectionate, if a bit blunt. Her attitude gets her into some interesting situations, and not always the good kind.
BackgroundShe comes from a not-so-close family, and is the oldest of seven children (Four sisters and two brothers). She tends to spend most of her time holed up in her room when at home (Usually listening to the music and playing around on the computer like most teenagers), spending time with her significantly younger boyfriend, and working her after school job as a secretary at a local science lab. And of course, obviously, attending classes. All of the mysterious vials that she acquires are swiped from the trashbin at the lab, she generally only chooses the ones that she likes the effect of, and uses a machine at the lab to duplicate them.
LikesTeasing her boyfriend, listening to music, playing video games, dancing, chatting with friends, testing out the lab's new concoctions, going on dates. The usual things that teenagers like.
DislikesMost of her family, soda cans, large bodies of water (relative to her body size at the time)
LocationUp above, down below, and everywhere in between.
OccupationSecretary at a science lab, Student
Additional InfoShe has a tendency to pounce on things, especially if they're moving a lot.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Hey, whatcha starin' at, wiseguy? Take a picture, it'll last longer."