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Havoc with his former mate Mayhem.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLance "Havoc" Grey
SpeciesRed Husky x Folf
Weightapprox. 78kg
SummaryAt first glance he'd appear to be quite obviously a red husky, however on closer inspection the larger ears, and black tips on said ears and his tail hint at his other ancestory. A single cream spot is on the back of each ear, Black 'fox tears' adorn his muzzle.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOff-red orange, off-white Cream, Black and some russet tan. His features are that mostly of a husky, the fox/wolf hybrid is only evident in the black mask around his eyes, the slight tufts of fur on his larger ears, the back of his legs and elbows and the black tip on his tail.
Hair ColourDyed white with red highlights/feathering
Eye Colourhis eyes are blue, however his right eye has a slight green speckling that ist most pronounced around the iris
ClothingHavoc opts to wear his faded denim jeans and is usually shirtless, however the few times he is found wearing a top it is the unmistakable white Fox shirt.
Accessorieshis right ear has four studs on the outer edge, whilst his left ear has a single stud on the lower outside and an industrial/scaffold at the top. A single bridge piercing adorns his muzzle. He often wears a light brown leather collar with an un-engraved tag. he has several tattoo's consisting of a single black paw on his right pectorial muscle, along with trible tattoo down his left arm. (http://possumstew.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/romper-stomper-1.jpg).
WeaponryNot one for violence he is very rarely seen with weapons, however he has been known to carry a small 'plasma' pistol. (not unlike those found in the fallout 3 Universe)
Outstanding FeaturesHe's a huskyfolf what more do you want?

Personality & Background

PersonalityHavoc is basicly a Young, clueless, child. Despite his age he is rather nervous when it comes to sexual topics, and flirting. his shyness when it comes to these topics and associating with those he likes causes him to be quietly and mostly nod and agree which has often gotten him 'in over his head' However when he is in the company of friends or family Havoc is an outspoken and often loud individual, despite his almost obnoxious behaviour he always means well. He's a rather emotional creature, known to spouts of quite brooding when something bothers him however he usually only allows those he knows well enought to trust to see him when he is truelly down.
Backgroundhavoc grew up as an only child under the care of his mother, which has given him a very 'mothers boy' personality. of course without a father figure around he never learnt the finer points of attracting those he's interested in.
LikesGirly-boy cats. :P
DislikesNot much

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBroken, bruised, forgotten, sore and too fucked up to care anymore

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