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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKishi (Kishijoten)
SpeciesDragon Goddess
AgeA little over 1000000
Height7 miles (Size can vary)
Weight30 billion tons (Heavier when bigger :P)
SummaryDespite being a dragon, shi is has no scales or wings for that matter. Shi has an amazing slender and curvaceous body, shi seems to carry around a large amount of mass however mainly due the over hyper endowment of hir assets.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSkin is a nice turquoise color, very sleek and soft skin.
Hair ColourNo hair actually, just dragon horns that look a bit devilish
Eye ColourDeep blue eyes
ClothingNone :P Shi always finds hirself breaking out of them.
Accessories[Censored - descritpions must be PG-13]
WeaponryClaws on each of hir five fingers, large talons on each of hir three toes. Her serpentine-like tail which operates almost like a third arm. Of course hir size and girth is more than a weapon. Being a dragon and all, fire breath comes in handy, though you'll find hir rarely use it unless shi's really ticked off.
Special AbilitiesLimitless capability to grow
Outstanding FeaturesHir size ?

Personality & Background

PersonalityA bit random, typically a lazyish personality, blazee and seemingly 'out of it'. [Censored - descriptions must be PG-13]
BackgroundAfter recently waking up from a relatively short ten thousand year nap, shi finds hirself being reacquainted with hir powers and hir place in the universe.
LikesOverly extreme hyper/growth type things. Toying with the city or smaller macros. Growing with others and having fun with them. Occasionally likes to be worshiped or served like a proper mistress should be. Sometimes likes to be left alone and just stare off into space.
DislikesNot a whole lot, overly persistent pushy people that bug hir too much.
LocationProbably sitting in the city ... or well on the city

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBigger ... Bigger ... BIGGER !