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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaris
SpeciesWolf (anthro)
Weight225 lbs

Outward Appearance

Clothingbaggy, olive green, drab brown, or tan, loose fitting cargo pants.
WeaponryLarge, powerful magical arsenal, rarely used. Skills with swords, both in fencing and battle fields applications. Skills with firearms, especially mid to long range riffles and assault riffles. Special emphasis on sniper rifles. Also skilled with use of orbital bombardment weapons. (muahahaha)

Personality & Background

Likesvore, unbirth, cock vore, full tour(no digestion), lots-of-cum, bloated belies, pregnancy,
Dislikeswatersports, slavery, master/slave, bondage, pain, (seriously, slaver/ownership will send me into a blood rage. don't come near me with a collar, i am not kidding, you will make my shit-list.)
LocationNet surfin'!
OccupationArtist, minister, all around nice guy.

Just for Fun