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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRosamia
Height4ft (but only grows by request)
Summarya rather small cougaress but makes up for her small stature in more ways than one. For one her physique is quite athletic she has a good big of muscle defintion her bustlin is a large DD sized cup as well as her large cougar paws which allows her to extend sharp, strong claws which she can use to sneak up on her prey

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Red with white belly, Black furred ears, and white muzzle, dark red footpaws, a dark red and black striped tail
Hair ColourShoulder Length Deep Purple Hair very streamline
Eye ColourIce Blue
Clothinga Light Blue sleveless mage shirt that only covers her entire chest area, long denim jeans
Accessorieshas two earrings in each ear, a gold chain necklace around her neck, and a belly button ring in the shape of a lily
Weaponryher Mage's Staff
Outstanding Featuresoversized footpaws, fit figure, and an hourglass figure (her boobs are pretty big and her butt is round and soft)

Personality & Background

Personalityfun, flirty, sexy
BackgroundA fun loving cougaress who likes to make new friends and is at this moment in time a LV 5 Mage but still has alot to learn main spells she knows Size Changing, Water Summoning, Fire Summoning, growth and shrink spells
Likesyiff, Paws, Macro/Micro, and other things
DislikesReally fat furs, putting things in someone's butt, being a jerk