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Art by FiliaFlammae. Thanks again!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLaras Riverpaw
Height65 feet
Weight50 tons
SummaryRyan's roommate who is helping him come out of his shell.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown fur with a tan color on his belly that runs all the way up to the underside of his head.
Hair ColourNo hair, only head fur (which is a brown).
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingDresses in a way that lets his body's form be known, but still somewhat modest. Usually seen in green baggy shorts and a semi-tight white t-shirt.
AccessoriesNothing out of the ordinary.
WeaponryNone, although his size and strength are good enough deterrents.
Special AbilitiesNone, although some may say that his strength is a little more than decent for someone his size.
Outstanding FeaturesBesides his size, Laras is built like an athlete, being sleek yet at the same time incredibly muscled.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIncredibly confident, Laras is not afraid to try anything at least once, and although he may come off as arrogant, he tries not to be. He's very outgoing both physically and socially and is a bit of a lady's man as well, which gives him a frat boy image, though he personally hates the idea. Laras makes sure to take good care of his friends, going distances that many would consider unnecessary to help them. He's a naturally protective person but the feeling is doubled for friends and family, especially for those smaller than him. Laras can hold a grudge for a long time, so anyone who hurts someone he cares about is likely to get the cold shoulder treatment.
BackgroundLaras spent most of his childhood growing up in a community of macros, never really aware that there were other people much smaller than him. When he was in his pre-teens, his family moved to a city orientated for normal-sized people, and his living space suddenly became much more cramped. Laras didn't mind the change, but he couldn't figure out why people were so terrified of him. It wasn't until he saw his macro friends exploiting their size and pressuring him into doing the same did he realize why everyone else feared him. Since then, he has made an effort to be protective of those who are weaker than him both physically and maybe emotionally/mentally.
LikesAthletics and outdoor activities, socializing, letting the flow of events take him wherever, helping people however he can.
DislikesPeople who are full of themselves (though he doesn't mind a little confidence), macros who exploit their size advantages, those who hurt people close to him.
LocationBFCC, Dorm Number 406
OccupationCurrently a college undergrad, but hopes to become a personal trainer so he can help improve people's self esteem.
Additional InfoPlayer's note: The profile here is more of a reference for more serious RP's. Laras is usually a nice guy in chatrooms, but if the situation calls for some smashing, he may experience a personality change :P Also, Laras' height is also subject to changeif it's more convenient, though Laras himself has no ability to change size.