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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTomiko Neko
SpeciesSnow Leopard
Height6 Foot 9 Inches
Weight164 Pounds
SummaryA very intelligent feline with a heat of kindness and the will to improve herself mentally and support her family.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTomiko's fur is rather normal for a snow leopard, it's naturally pure white but with sky blue open rosettes over her fur. Her chest, stomach and front of her neck remain clear and pure white. The tips of her long ears are black, as well as the tip of her tail. During times of combat or while enraged, the rosettes on her tail, as well as the black tips of her ears and tail, can either glow white or emit a blood red vapour.
Hair ColourTomiko's hair is a very soft silvery colour which glows and sparkles when subjected to moonlight, it's length reaches to her tail-bone and she prefers to keep it loose. When she does tie it up, it's normally tied back into one long ponytail with a large ribbon that's tied into a bow.
Eye ColourTomiko's eyes are a very deep sea blue colour, if you stare into her eyes long enough they have a calming nature for anyone who doesn't have violent tendencies towards her or her family. Her eyes are entirely different to how others can see things, the way she sees is by reaching out with her energies and 'feeling' the surroundings, this causes ripples of energies her eyes can pick up, they can also detect souls of people all around her from undead spirits to the living.
ClothingTomiko has a wide range of clothing to suit her moods as well as whatever functions she may end up visiting. Most of her attire though involves showing just how much bust she has and tends to be rather tight around her chest, but also includes cargo pants, skirts and tracksuits. While living at home, her standard attire tends to be a tank-top with khaki cargo pants, though while wearing this one can certainly tell she doesn't wear a bra. Most of the time.
AccessoriesBecause of her unique vision, Tomiko had problems to begin with seeing writing, computer screens etc, this was quickly solved by her mother, Chikako, before she died. She has implants in her eyes that are triggered when she wears a set of glasses given to her by her mother, both the glasses and the implants enable her to view a multitude of EM spectrum's as well as provide a built in Heads up Display which she is capable of manipulating to suit her requirements.
WeaponryTomiko is more fond of the old ways when honour on the battlefield was won by the way of the sword, thus she mainly wields melee weapons. She mainly wields a weapons which in itself is one of a kind in the galaxy called The Staff of Defiance, "Temporal Disruption." This staff allows her to bend even the laws of physics to such a degree she can create bodies of intense gravity in space as well as neutralise the gravity on a planet, or moon. As well as her staff she carries a very well crafted Japanese Katana which is attuned to her energies allowing her to focus them into it making it's blade capable of cutting titanium, concrete and even diamonds when charged to an intense degree of which only happened once and ended up knocking Tomiko out. She also carries with her a modified .75 Revolver of her own design, a "4 round bastard" her sister calls it, capable of taking out many foes with just one shot.
Special AbilitiesTomiko's abilities revolve around protection, enhancement and healing. Against undead foes she tends to be a one woman army. Her shield spells are more than a match for any foe capable of reflecting, absorbing, or just blocking physical, magical and telepathic attacks. Her healing powers are highly tuned as well, as simply being around her when she has her wings present can relax, heal, and energise those close to her. However, like most healers, she isn't really capable of regrowing limbs, or organs.
Outstanding FeaturesTomiko doesn't really have any outstanding features, however while she has her wings hidden she will have a tattoo of a pair of black wings on her back. While in the moonlight these will emit a pure white vapour which is mainly hidden by her hair.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTomiko has a very gentle personality, but can drastically change if enraged to the point she loses the ability to reason. In this case she will attack whoever managed to anger her to such a degree until calmed or her target is killed. While not angry though Tomiko is kind, caring and overly clingy sometimes. She often can get obsessed with her work or research, but her sister or kittens normally manage to snap her out of it.
BackgroundTomiko was originally genetically engineered with many different species genes by her mother Chikako and grown in a vat until she reached adulthood, this is the reason for her age as her 'birthday' is considered the time in which she emerged from said vat. She learned and grew further with kind people and many friends at her side and grew into quite a woman. With the passing on of her mother, she had twins of her own, and now runs her own, and her mothers mining businesses and research corporations with the aid of her sister.
LikesFamily, Strawberries and Cream, Gentle Music, Computers
DislikesEvil people, mad scientists.
OccupationCEO of Neko's Mining and Salvaging Inc and Adv. R&D Head at Tekni Ring Science Division.