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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTatoko Neko
SpeciesSabre-tooth Tiger
Height7 Foot 1 Inch
Weight173 Pounds
SummaryTatoko is Tomiko's bloodlustful combat addict who also likes a bit of treasure hunting on the side as it involves more killing and maiming.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTatoko's fur is pretty much a mix of browns and various splotches of black here and there over her body. Unike Tomiko, Tatoko's chest, stomach and neck are actually a lighter brown, but still with the same random brownish patterns over it.
Hair ColourTatoko's hair almost follows the same pattern of her fur, but not with the random browish patterns, it's more of a muddy brown colour and only reaches to her shoulder-blades. She has a habit of ripping cloth from someone clothes she might have killed and tying her hair back with it as an intimidation method if there are more than a few people present.
Eye ColourTatoko's eyes burn blood red while she's in combat, but while in a calmer mood they tend to change to a dark blue colour. Unlike Tomiko, Tatoko was able to see without the need for help, though she does wear a pair of HUD Contact lenses which can display information she wants directly from her PDA.
ClothingTatoko is more provocative and aggressive in terms of style than Tomiko preferring to wear tight clothing which shows off her muscular form and large chest. She likes to wear tank tops due to the fact they don't restrict her arm movements much and it helps her kill things faster, according to her.
AccessoriesTatoko carries a lot of technology with her to help her find her targets, help her with her treasure hunting and even more stuff to help her find things to tear apart.
WeaponryTomiko wields two very unique weapons, one being her warhammer Blitzkrieg which she spent a year searching for. It's a rarity in being a weapon that is made entirely from nano-machines that are intelligent and self-replicating. The hammer itself is 12 foot in length with a 500 pound 'smasher' as she calls it. It can form whatever other shape she wants but mainly loves to keep her hammer as crushing people under it makes a delightful splat for her. This is also the only weapons she carries, she will also use her fists if need be.
Special AbilitiesTatoko channels every ounce of her magic into increasing her strength and endurance, this effect also makes her fur as hard as steel. Because she does this, it gives her many physical skills from literally punting a tank 100 yards with her bare foot to bringing a 200 storey building down with her bare hands. She tends to bring buildings down so she has something to toss at her opponent, mainly tonnes of rubble. Other than that, she has no other abilities.
Outstanding FeaturesThe one outstanding feature of Tatoko would be the chunk of ear missing from her right ear, which was bitten away by an opponent in a 2 week battle against am opponent going after the staff she gave Tomiko.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDespite her desire to kill things, Tatoko has a rather controlled personality, as well as often kind and gentle but becomes quite a shitstorm which only her sister can calm once annoyed. And when annoyed anything between her, and her target may as well buy triple insurance. When she is calm, she can be very gentle and kind like her sister. However she tends to only be in this kind of mood while she is around Tomiko.
BackgroundTatoko crushes the skull of people who decide to ask her stupid questions as well as inquire about her past. One thing is certain she spends a lot of time on border-worlds, where there is rarely any law whatsoever.
LikesKilling, maiming, destroying, milk.
OccupationBounty Hunter, Treasure Hunter, Mercenary.