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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEnri
SummaryA thief who's looking for a place to lay low for a while..

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort red pelt with dark grey ears and tip of tail
Hair ColourBlack; long-ish (a little past shoulders); glossy/silky; bangs slightly cover eyes
Eye ColourBlue-Grey
Clothing- Leather long-sleeved top, and leather pants (bodysuit) - Kinky boots
Accessories- Heat seeking/Night vision goggles; Normally look like sunglasses (as a cover up). Sunglasses is normally worn. - Metal 'ring' with black bird wing designs on it; When held out, it can make unbreakable black strings come out of the ring and are attached to the wings, which can be used to fly with (Enri can either be pulled by them, or stand on them; preferably the former) Is normally worn.
Weaponry- metal Sloth claw-like 'gloves' that can generate/manipulate flames/fire from the palms. Is normally worn. - Rod of Darkness; When swung or tapped on something, it can generate a black 'blob' that can multiply itself and transform into anything. The 'blob' can also speak to Enri from the rod through his mind, and can speak to others through their minds as well. Can also read thoughts, and is a bit of a perv. The rod is usually carried, worn on his back, attached to an extremely strong chain strap. If anyone other than Enri touches the rod, it can burn them severely.
Special Abilities- He has a elf-like form; As close to a 'human-form' as he can get
Outstanding Features- Flexible - Ears and Tail are expressive

Personality & Background

Personality- Lighthearted, young at heart, a bit irritating/annoying at times - Uses drugs to keep him 'seemingly' happy-go-lucky/naive.. Is actually quite a lonely/regretful/depressed guy..
BackgroundAn Aronitian; looks like a red fox, but the coloring is a bit different - Had a pretty good life; middle-class, went to school, etc. While in his early teens, his Mother and Father were killed in a war on his planet; After the war, he had to fend for himself in ways he never thought he would -- ie; stealing, gambling/cheating... - In his late teens/early twenties, Enri created his special gloves, and stole an ancient rod from dark caverns, to help break into his planet's bank, AeroSphere, the richest bank in the galaxy, and stole millions of RaCash (orange coins made from a rare mineral; the 'heads' side is a picture of a phoenix with its wings spread out.. the 'tails' side is a picture of the sun). - He is currently on the run from AeroSphere and Aronitia's police; Traveling by a spacecraft he stole after he narrowly escaped the police; The whereabouts of the cash that he stole is currently unknown... to all but him.
LikesFriendly people, Hugs, Money, Coffee, Being Petted/Treated Nicely
DislikesPolice, Fighting, War, Mean people, showing his weak side
LocationCurrently staying: in a Hotel Currently working: Cafe
Occupation- Traveler - Thief - Inventor - Cafe cashier (cover up)

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