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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAdzo
Height6 feet
Summaryshy, weird, nerdy and loving it

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourcream fur on most of body with a darker patch along my back
Hair Colourdark brown
Eye Colourblue/green
Clothingwhen not in school uniform, jeans and black t-shirts with logos on them leather or blue pinstripe jacket black duffel coat in winter, usually wearing a black scarf
Accessoriesschool tie with no less than 20 badges on weekdays. led zepplin armband elsewhere
Weaponryblades, tanto for preference. if edged weapons are impractical for legal reasons any okinawan kobudo weapons will do just nicely. firearms wise, UMP.45 and glock would be my ideal loadout. due to strict local weapons laws it's best to stick to hand to hand combat
Special Abilitiesmartial arts skill and unusual knack for baking
Outstanding Featurescontrasts, 17 year old pacafist who loves cooking. but practices martial arts and airsoft. tends to surprise people

Personality & Background

Personalityshy and nerdy. often seen bent over a book or computer. loyal to select group of close friends. tends not to socialise outside of own peer group. very rarely resorts to violence, dispite frequent targeting from bullying assholes in school. the few occasions where he has resorted to violence have been more than enough to warn off most.
Backgroundstandard issue mum, dad, 2 kids suburban family. atheist from early age partly due to being from a fairly unreligious family , partly from primary school which dispite claiming to be completely secular, had a minister come in every week and the view that any pupil that was white was automaticly christian. i disagreed
Likescomputer games, books, cooking, martial arts, sailing, airsoft, rock music
Dislikesbeans, younger more annoying people, stress
Locationnorth east Scotland, not planning on changing any time soon
Occupationpart time odd jobs at a hair salon, making coffee, cleaning etc.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S.Thomson