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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTarique
SummaryUnlike the others (Victory,Brackish , etc) Tarique is a mixture of 4 different species, in short .. a Jackal, Raven, Dragon and human (black guy) ... Though his base form is made up of a Jackal with Raven wings, his fur pattern occasionally broken up by scales

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan with dark brown ear tips and dark brown foot paws and hands... his wings are jet black, and his scales a shining reflective blue
Hair ColourWhen human, Black
Eye ColourSharp, unforgiving Hazel
ClothingA Black Wife Beater, covered up by a heavy black jacket with multiple pockets that hangs to his mid thigh... A pair of tattered, holy, jeans at least a size too large, baggy to conceal what hes carrying
AccessoriesA black Athletic fingerless glove on both hands.. one being a magnetic manipulation glove... though which one is which? He also sports a pair of modified sunglasses to fit his head
Weaponry(Now having to summarize, refer to other characters) He carrys two sun blades on his back underneath his jacket though the handles are visible-- a 10mm rail pistol holstered to his belt on one side, a simple ballistic Glock on the other side... On one of his shoulder pockets, he holsters a dagger. Being a mercenary and an arms dealer, 'Riqe can be seen carrying different weapons stolen from any race at any given moment
Special AbilitiesFeral shifting for all of his species (and can combine), shifting between species, size shifting, Magnetic Alteration (not as potent as Deck's), flight, sound manipulation, ability to bend light around himself for a short amount of time, and as with DroxEl his fur is highly fire resistant... though it does have it's breaking point
Outstanding FeaturesHes 4 freakin' species and a father =o

Personality & Background

PersonalityCharming, slightly evil but happy if that makes sense... sneaky.. Very much against violence unless somebody MAKES him do it (Very odd considering hes a walking armory)
LikesStealing, Technology thats small enough to steal, making love.. then jacking everything they're worth.. Long walks on the beach ? .. His family.. Eating, hunting, getting what he wants without having to waste energy killing
DislikesDeck, Having to waste the energy to kill for his money... getting caught
LocationWalking away with your wallet
OccupationGetting your wallet to walk away with
Additional InfoYou should probably check your pocket for your wallet now

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I want your money not your life"