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Fawkes (c) myself. Art by ElectricTalia.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFawkes
SpeciesSylvan Burrowing Dragon
Height~ 5 ft / 1.6m average at the withers, roughly 11 ft (3.3m) from front to back legs. (Quadrapedal.)
Weight~1700 lbs.
SummaryFurred and wingless, it is puzzling why this creature would be dubbed a 'dragon' at all. On close inspection, however, it appears that his muscular structure and proud gait resembles one of the great lizards. His claws are splayed with three wide toes at the front of each and an almost vestigial thumb at the rear. Rather than any scales, he is covered from head to toe in a lush coat of fur, his belly a dull cream tone and covered in thick copper brown for the rest. A set of darkened stripes, perpendicular to his spine, run across his back from shoulder to tailtip. Two semi-radial ears atop the rear of his skull move every which way, from pivoting to the sides orlaying flat back, to express himself and perceive his surroundings. His broad muzzle ends flat, furred all over. He's considerably large, as compared to the average human or anthro, and built as a dragon in muscle and bone structure - he looks like he could reasonably carry one or two persons of average size.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFawkes has a thin coat of copper brown fur covering his entire body. A set of horizontal stripes, only slightly darker than his dominant shade, centre perpendicular to his spine and spread outward, reducing to a fine point shortly after passing through the light beige tone of his underbelly.
Hair ColourNone.
Eye ColourPresumed to be entirely black given that his pupils occupy most of the visible surface - the scant white of his eyes can barely be seen if he is glancing to the wayside from the viewer.
Fawkes is incredibly near-sighted and struggles with colours.
WeaponryIf it can be described as weaponry, Fawkes is equipped with two well-maintained rows of sharp, white teeth. The frontmost are the most visible and as long as two exposed inches, gradually growing smaller towards the rear of his jaws. Behind those, nestled back and positioned between each front tooth, are a secondary set of much smaller pointed teeth extending roughly half the length of their primaries. They naturally fall out over time and grow in anew in cycle estimated around two years per tooth.
He has a thick, somewhat prehensile tongue, constantly ready with heavy saliva, and will typically blot it against grass, tree-bark, or even himself while grooming during a particularly long sleep in his burrow, for the purpose of feeding on the insects that gather. It's equally useful for an all-too-affectionate wet slap across a loved one's cheek, though!
His four-fingered paws each partially sheathe a separate black claw, nearly an inch across at the base and curving to a sharp tip at the end. Three of these digits are wide fingers with a subtle, furred webbing up to the half-length compressed between, and the fourth is a small jointed 'thumb', almost vestigial, on the rear of his paws. Each foreclaw shows signs of scraping and wear along their sharp edges.
Lastly, his tail is roughly the length of the rest of his body in whole. It's thick and hefty and frequently his best defense. Given it's sheer heft, whenever wielding it beyond casual joyous flinching a tailtip, the rest of his body becomes a slave to it's momentum. He can swing his weight around with alarming haste and in a swift turn, possesses the ability to bring this powerful limb sailing to crush against the frame of any foolhardy enough to expose themselves to its unforgiving mass.
Special AbilitiesSizeshifter.
Outstanding FeaturesHis voice! Fawkes is in an odd place on the spectrum of intelligence. He has born, raised and lived for most of his life in a colony of his own kind. He is an adult, has entered territorial battles, and has lived a very typical life for the sort of creature that he is. However, his contact with anthros in the area led him to fancy them by way of curiosity. After enough exposure, he even began to mimic the language well and has grown less and less skittish and wary as time as passed. It has grown to the point where he will casually pass by them without notice, and can even engage in conversation if he desires; though his lips do not move. When he speaks, it seems to come as a distorted growl from his throat.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOriginally a very wary and territorial creature, repeated contact with nature-enthusiasts studying his species weaned him toward and interest in anthro culture. The intelligent beast learned to speak a few words, and became rather attached to one of the regular crew members researching the area. One day, the ram led him back to a nearby hotel, where he was accepted in service of the owner, a lion and lioness anthro couple, and lived as their pet for a time. Nearly a year of this experience softened him and he grew much more casual to passing creatures, less concerned about territory and status. Warm meals were always ready for him, his personal space was never contested - over time, the burrower no longer perceived any anthro as a threat, and grew evermore bold. Nowadays, he has little qualms about taking and doing what he likes. It doesn't often cause conflict, though one would never guess this old beast's life once revolved around ceremony and measured respect.
After a year or two of pampered treatment, he disappeared from the hotel early in the spring one day without warning, presumably to return to his old way of life. Upon finding the colony had moved, that his old territories would have to be reclaimed, he felt in-between the worlds he now knew, and partnered alongside a fox travelling through the area in search of new lands for a new life.
Background'Burrowers' or 'Diggers', as the local anthro population refers to them, are a very localized species, living in loosely organized colonies of as few as a half dozen to as many as a hundred over a large area as territory will allow. Territorial disputes are frequently resolved through sexual dominance, even between competing males, where the successfully bitched party yields to the victor. In some rare cases, the bottomed party will refuse to accept defeat and the territorial dance will then degenerate into bloody hostility. Generally speaking, though, the species is more likely to submit before such violence erupts. As sexually active as most members of the species are, females are fertile at very small windows within each year - numbers of diggers are kept in check by their shrewd reproductive patterns and the increasing popularity for their fur and their meat as a local delicacy.
These creatures, however, between disputes of territory, live a rather social life together and many are known to raise young communally. Pups are as likely to live with their natural parents through to adolesence as much as they are to live between several parents in the community. Abandoned or orphaned pups are scarcely ever left so for very long, as a strong paternal nature runs in the creatures, and they will pick up stray young, even not of their own community, if they should find them wandering lost or alone.
LikesCool temperatures, hiding, rain, meat, fruits, seafood, and the miniature inhabitants of little cities!
DislikesHeat. Onions. Catsup. Mayonnaise. Colds. Loud noise. Heights.
Additional Info(For an adult-themed information, ask in private.)

Just for Fun

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