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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLynnae (Lynn) "Mousie" Davis
Height137 cm (4 feet 6 inches)
Weight91 kilograms (201 pounds)
SummaryA short tan and cream mouse with long shaggy blue hair reaching her mid-back and odd metallic-aqua eyes in a pleasant, smiling, seemingly innocent face with long whiskers. Poking out from under the hair is a pair of truly immense ears, looking nearly comical in their size.
Below this almost child-like face is a compact, short body most would term hyper-curved. Her torso is dominated by a pair of truly immense, spherical, impossibly full, firm, bouncy and perky breasts, maybe 90 cm across each, obscuring most of her front, while her back is shapely and sculpted. Her arms, too, are lithe and tight, looking like those of someone who has worked out a lot. Not huge, but VERY well defined through the fur. Under the tremendous chest is a tight tummy, very thick with muscle but not heavily defined, movement only showing hints of abs, though a strong bend will make them stand out heavily.
Very wide hips and a big, curvy butt lead to thighs way too thick for her height, all tight heavy curves like a gymnast pumped up to an insane degree, leading to immense calves that taper down to tiny feet. From the back, just above her extremely ample rear end, extends a thin tail maybe twice the length it should be, lightly furred, with a puffy tuft at the end in brown (her hair's REAL color).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan with a cream underbelly and inner thighs to mid-thigh.
Hair ColourDark blue with electric blue highlights in an unruly shaggy mop to her mid-back.
Eye ColourAn odd metallic aqua, with shimmery highlights to the irises.
ClothingWears a blue leather shrug with some gold trim at the shoulders and around the cuffs. Under the shrug she wears a deep metallic blue wrap-around narrow band-like top, maybe four inches or so wide, that goes around her back and the outsides of her impossible breasts, to the front and over the outline of massive nipples and attendant rings, just far enough to cover up what has to be for modesty, the whole ensemble showing off her entire cleavage and tight thick tummy to amazing effect.
Dark blue fur-tight shorts that show off a very big, round and tight rump are belted with a white leather belt. From the belt depend a pair of gold chains which go down the front between her legs, then around and up, circling her butt to be clasped at her hips.
Knee-high cuffed-down purple soft boots cling to her immense curvy legs, seemingly tailored to make them look even more curvy than they are, if that is even possible.
AccessoriesNipple rings showing through her C-band top in outline only and a bright silver belly button piercing, which has a stud-and-dangle in a tribal-style layout.

Multiple earrings line the curve of her ears, most of them glowing in soft hues.

A long, ornate silver and blue-enamel tail-band almost 6" end to end is close-fit to the last 1/3 of her tail.

Maybe more, but nothing seen in public ever.
Special AbilitiesMousie is almost five times as strong as a 1.8m (6 foot) tall adult human male in peak physical condition (despite her prodigious chest size and diminutive height).
Outstanding FeaturesCurves from hell and adorable as can be, plus her weird eyes...

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and outgoing, with a love of snuggling. Despite her build and clothing style, she is not at all given to jumping into anyone's bed.
BackgroundMousie started her life as a five foot five, slender-as-a-rail human girl whom, at the age of 16, was familiar enough with science to go into special advanced placement college-credit-earning courses in her home town of Galveston, Texas. Attending the college, she also did after-school work as an intern in the high energy physics labs there.

While working on an experiment involving attempts to bring a quantum-scale wormhole up to observable size, she was tasked to change out the lab mouse subjects kept as a backup and indicator of anything the detectors might not pick up. In an unusual mishap, a wormhole was raised while she was still in the testing chamber. Falling through it with the mouse she was carrying in, she wound up popping out here, just a few hundred meters off Australia's east coast (though also nine meters up in the air, resulting in a monstrous dive she REALLY didn't want.)

After dragging herself ashore, she realized she was no longer human, but an anthropomorphic mouse. After a while of severe freak-out panic, she was found by a group of five girls living at a nearby beach house. It was with them that she became acclimated to her body and this odd, strange, magic-rich world. This lasted for a month before the Australian government found out about her, and had her handed over to the United States government.

After hearing her story, the government acted in the only logical, intelligent manner: they began a quarantine of her. Shifting her frequently between different US Army owned medical facilities, they probed, tested, and sampled her. While not rude by ANY means, they did keep her deeply out of touch, and held her incommunicado for the entire time. It was finally found that she had no infectious alien diseases and was not any different than the average mouse. Only her origins were different, a matter which, across the time of six months, they grilled her on, though admittedly she didn't try to hide anything, fully understanding they were trying to protect themselves and others.

After getting out and essentially left in Texas with not a shred of money, no place to live, and indeed no real recourse in her life, Mousie did the only thing a red-blooded American can do in that situation: she took the U.S. government to court, suing them for all she could. Testimony to her intelligence (and ability to handle the media), she won handily, securing for herself a large house, a stipend upon which to live, and an agreement due to her unique circumstances to be exempt from taxes for the rest of her natural life (or else she'd reveal how "rough" the medical facilities were).

With money and a house secured, Mousie turned her attention on getting home, only to find no-one there had any inkling of wormhole theory to the degree needed, and in this world the professor she worked with was a successful cosmetic mage, and hadn't the slightest inkling of physics. About a month into this, the five girls she'd known in Australia finally found her, picked themselves up, and essentially moved in with her. All of them come from independently wealthy, well-off families, and their addition to the house made things even easier.

Now, Lynne spends most of her time relaxing and casually looking for possible ways home, in the process seeing the rest of this odd world.

LikesSnuggles, hugging, giving pleasure (not necessarily sex!), and normal day-to-day stuff.